WiFi Connection Issues Possible Solution

I am new here and don’t have much to contribute yet. This is my first 3D printer, Laser, and/or CNC; but I have seen a number of posts with people having WiFi issues and no solutions. I too have had WiFi issues but also have the skillset to resolve/understand them.

It appears to be a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency issue. Many IoT devices are set up to run on 2.4GHz only. Some IoT devices and work on both. I don’t know if this is an IoT device issue or a wifi AP issue, but sometimes traffic won’t communicate between the two. I believe it is an IoT issue but it could be an AP setup issue. Also, if you have multiple AP’s or WiFi extenders, a device on one may not connect to another. This isn’t the way it is suppose to work, but I have seen it enough with IoT devices. Also, SSID’s can be assigned to one or both frequencies.

That brings me to what I have seen with my Snapmaker 2. I have my network where SSIDs are unique for the frequency. Say 24WiFi and 5Wifi. My Snapmaker can connect to either. But my laptop will only connect to it if it is on the same SSID, even though they are connected to the same network. If I run an SSID that covers both frequencies, say ALLWifi, it will not connect if my Snapmaker connects at the 2.5 frequency and my laptop connects at the 5 frequency. I have also had a problem when I connect to 24wifi on one AP and the Snapmaker connects to 24wifi on another AP.

In the end, I resolved the problem by having my Snapmaker and my computer connect to the same AP and SSID; they connect to each other every time and I experience no problems.

Hope this helps.

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Access Point device isolation? (setting in router)

Same problem over here.

Tested everything, sometimes the wifi connection works fine. But most of the time it won’t.
The SnapMaker2.0 has the latest firmware at the moment 1.10.1. connected to Unifi wifi.
Laptop is in the same network, tested also on the same AP. Sometimes the laptop can ping the SM2 and then the Lubian software can connect sometimes.

When i can connect to the SM2, i’ve to authorise myself on the SM2.

Does anybody has an idea? Maybe another firmware upgrade?

've checked this no it isn’t

Just discovered this week, the wifi on SM2 will only connect on allowed wifi channels that are permitted in China. Whereas in the west etc much more channels are allowed.

Your wifi router by default has a Auto function to change channels depending on interference, and if you have more than one wifi router in operation you will most likely manually select different channels to avoid conflict.
So, if by Manual or Auto means your wifi router goes onto a channel that is not permitted in China, no matter where you are, then the SM2 will not connect. See the list in the link above, and set your wifi router to a channel it will connect on. O, and the camera only works to Luban by wifi connection, so will explain that one too if the same issue.
There is a free “wifi analyzer” app for win 10 that will scan to tell you what channels are being used. Look for your SSID, then you will need to know your wifi router IP and log in as Admin to make the changes.

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And the plot thickens. Luckily enough if you are getting a Snapmaker there is a very good chance that you are a tinkerer. Can you imagine if the average joe went into the store and bought this and then was told they were going to have to get into their wifi router and change settings so that it would work every time. :o

Good catch. This is silly, but explains why it claims to see my wifi but can’t access it, ever. Nope, not going to change my mesh wifi network for this lame issue. One of the few negative things I have so far. Question is, can they reconfigure or is whatever wifi chip they’re using have channels baked in?

I was not able to get reliable connection with my AP on 2.4GHz channel 11 - but it worked after changing that.