Wifi connection issues

Hi there,

Since quite some time now (4 or 5 months or so) I am having Wi-Fi issues with my snapmaker 2.0.
A lot of the time when I turn it on, it does not auto connect. So I go to the Wi-Fi list and select the Wi-Fi. When it tries to connect, it said: Wrong password. But after a couple of tries, it connects… When I then printed something, and want to send the next print via my pc over Wi-Fi, I don’t see it. I check the snapmaker, and it’s not connected anymore. I did try to reset my complete Wi-Fi modem system at home, but it does not fix the issue. Not only that, but I am out of ides on how to get this fixed. No other device in my house has this kind of issues. It all started to happen after I did get a replacement of the touchscreen. What could be the cause and what would be the fix?