What is the wifi controller used on snapmaker 350T?

Like many people, I am finding the wifi connectivity to be so inadequate that I’m resorting to the USB stick, which is not in and of itself something I am too lazy to do but then I’m stuck with the onboard file management / print interface, which is really and truly bad - seriously, the Elegoo Mars has a better UI than this, and it costs $179! Does anyone know what wifi controller is being used on the board? The software is really buggy, but if we can figure out the guts of it, perhaps we can fix it?

I know that the printer uses the ubiquitous Marlin firmware to control the steppers and hot end, but Marlin doesn’t do wifi (or networking) so there must be another controller in there somewhere.

There should be a hint at Snapmaker · GitHub

Not sure if this is an option for you. For me this works like a charm - with the only caveat that Luban connect is not fully automatic, but I need to connect manually (two clicks).