Machine won't connect to wifi

Wow. Severely disappointed in the Snapmaker 2.0. Yesterday I set it up for laser module but it failed on Camera Capture. But that’s another issue that I sent email to support about.

Today, the machine won’t join my wifi. Yesterday it did, today it won’t. I’ve rebooted several times. Using the touchscreen I choose my network and enter the password and nothing happens. The screen just goes back to the network choice page.

Any advice on how to get this thing to work consistently?

Days gone and no reply to my support request. No reply to this forum request for help. My snapmaker sits unusable.

Great job with customer support, Snapmaker. Do you not have anyone monitoring your support email or this forum?

I had to setup my network once on the touchscreen.
I am no network or wifi specialist so, may try to open your network and check if you could connect, again?