Camera icon in Luban missing

To be honest, I was really looking forward to the “easy to manage” Snapmaker.
At all… I got the machine three days ago and since then I spend at least seven hours in trying and testing. Nothing helped.

  1. There is no way to connect the printer over Wifi. I tried several networks.
  2. When I got the connection over the cable I can see the printer but for the Laser Cutting module I can’t see any “Camera” icon in Luban where I could adjust my engraving.
    All the tutorials are made sooo easy but how should I reach goal when there is just a icon missing where I could click?!
  3. When I just start the box blind without preadjusting my material the laser starts to move anywhere 10cm over the material without any effect. (as well as I calibratet before).

I hope somebody can help otherwise I really regret to have spent money on this!

I downloaded the latest firmware on the machine and the camera has a green light.

The camera will only work when connected via WiFi.

How far do you get when trying to connect using WiFi? Does it appear to connect when in setup?

Thanks for your help!
How comes, that it’s only working with wifi?
As I use it in school the network does not allow to connect with unknown devices.
I guess I will only be able to work over the USB cable.
At least there is no printer shown in the list as well as I’m logged in on the same network.

The camera communicates over Bluetooth rather than going along the Snapmaker’s internal cables. Something about this setup results in the data not being available over the USB connection.

Is there any way you can set up your own network, separate from the school’s, and use that for the wifi connection? Note that it doesn’t have to be able to reach the Internet for this purpose.

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Thanks for this hint. It sounds like a secret to me why this is not made for both connections but well…
I tried to connect over my smartphone but as I don’t have any connection in the workshop where I work, this wasn’t possible eighter…
I guess I have to accept that I will not work with this camera setting.

Thanks to @ElloryJaye

@F_Keller As mentioned in the quick start guide, you need to connect to a wifi network at the initial setup.

Thanks for the remark. I did connect the Snapmaker with a wifi. I’m logged in at the Computer and the machine with the same Wifi but still no result in the drop down menue.

You need to refresh the wifi drop manu, and then connect to the machine. You need to check if the machine is connected successfully.

Thanks for the help.
I refreshed severall times.
Both devices are in the exact same wifi network and connected succesfully.

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Thank you for the update.

The machine and you laptop need to connect the same network so that they can connect each other via WiFi connection.


Hi Edwin

They are connevted in the same network.
This is the strange thing…


Hi Florian,
On your phone, please enable the hot spot. After that, let the machine and computer connect to the hot spot to check whether it works. Thanks

My phones hot spot is always desabled. Unfortunately this is not the issue…