Not able to activate the door detection

Hey guys,
I just built my own enclosure for my snapmaker and want to add a door switch for laser engraving. So I just wanted to measure which pins of port 4 have to be connected to simulate a closed door, when the door detection mode is turned on. But unfortunately I am not able to switch the detection mode on in snapmakerjs although the printer is connected correctly to the PC and the serial communication is activated. When I try to select the ON state in the settings, it just jumps back to OFF. Did anyone run in the same type of problem or am I just missing an obvious detail?
My printer has firmware version 2.9 and the snapmakerjs software is 2.5.4

Thanks for any useful suggestion!

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There exist bugs of door detection in v2.5.4. Earlier versions of Snapmakerjs might suit your need.

Thank you for this hint. It worked with Snapmakerjs version 2.5.2!

I’m worried about the same thing, but you didn’t know the hardware field so did you succeed?

The bug was resolved in previous versions and you can try the lastest version of Snapmakerjs 2.7.1.

Is not working for me in 2.7.1 with latest firmware 2.11. It just turns off the laser, but the job is moving on. Closing the door just re-lights the laser. The result is gaps in engraving. This ruined the job.

I can confirm this. The door detection no longer works as it should and I’ve had to turn it off since upgrading to the latest versions of soft- and firm-ware.

Anyone know if this issue was fixed? I just purchased the SN1 enclosure and Luban will not save any changes to door detection?

When I first got my Snapmaker Original, with the 1.1 enclosure, the door detector would actually make the CNC go crazy LOL. It would begin ok but then go up in the Z coordinates every 10 seconds or so. While still spinning.

That was with firmware version 2.9, using Luban 3.12.2, on a Mac using OSX 10.15.7.

I will try it again, on some silly test stuff of course, and report back in a day or so.