Tpu filament texture

Good morning everyone, the truth is that I printed a cell phone case with tpu and it turned out well but what I did not like was the tpu texture that appears very noisy and rough, so I want to ask you how I do to print a texture soft and flexible with a nice texture like normal cases.

Which type of filament has better soft and smooth texture, the tpe or filaflex?

What instructions should I follow? look at the photo of the cell phone case

Thanks a lot

Ninjatech has a variety of flexible filaments. The chinchilla is newest and supposedly very soft to the touch.

Also, print at 10-15mm/s to get the best results. I am not sure if the stock extruder will be able to print 75A TPU but it could be worth a try

Thank you, i need a material flexible for best soft and touch for the fashion world as the fund

I’ve been using Overture (95A TPU) and Ninjaflex (85A TPU). The Overture is dimensionally undersized (1.60mm and would jam up in the past). Stock extruder is NOT good for ANY TPU. I’ve tweaked and retweaked that TPU insert that was floating aroud to finally get it to where is should be. I am now able to print 25-35mm/s with results that are on par with PLA (even with the smallish Overture filament).

Wow! 35mm/s on the stock extruder with just the adapter? I was able to get decent results with the adapter but after a few spools of Ninjatek 95A cheetah the extruder started to jam and I redesigned the adapter. I tested over 20 slightly different versions. After I had things working great for a while at 25mm/s I successfully printed a full bed of parts twice. The third time most of the parts suffered from under extrusion and ended up completely failing, encasing the hotblock and fan shrouds in TPU. No replacement 3D print modules so I redesigned the module to accept a bondtech extruder and have been printing with it nonstop since November