Grippy / Tacky TPU?

Recommendations for a good grippy / tacky TPU? I’m printing replacement treads for my robotic vacuum and the TPU I have is not really that grippy on hard wood floors.

Ninjaflex is pretty tacky. Any TPU/TPE between 60-70A will be pretty soft. Ninjatech has some new chinchilla material that could work

Looking for the same… I have used the following TPUs and none of the following are grippy or tacky on hard and smooth surfaces. The softer ones will grip a bit better than harder ones on textured or coarse surfaces, but not even close to a rubber.

  • 3dFils 60D, 90A, 85A (Spanish brand, prints well, some thickness fluctuations. i.e. not for tight tolerances, available in smaller spools, decent price)
  • AzureFilm 85A, 98A (Slovenian brand, prints easily, even quality, nice finish, available in smaller spools, decent price)
  • 3DPrima EasyPrint 95A (Swedish brand, prints easily, even at lower temps, good finish, quite expensive, samples available)
  • 3DPrima PrimaSelect 45D (prints well, requires higher temps, more expensive, good finish, expensive, samples available)
  • Fillamentum 98A (Czech brand, a good quality filament, lower elongation=thick walls makes objects stiffer than with other filaments, expensive)
  • DevilDesign 55D (Polish brand, prints well, similar stiffness to Fillamentum above, average price but only available in 1 kg spools)
  • PrintMe 20D (Polish brand, very flexible, prints OKish, available in smaller spools, quite expensive)

Of these, the PrintMe 20D is the least slippy, but I would not call it no where near greippy or tacky.

Try TPE rather than TPU, maybe? It’s supposed to be rubberier.

NinjaTek Chinchilla is apparently 75A, which makes it the softest filament I’ve ever seen for sale. For your application, I’d expect you need at least that soft.

Idiot’s guide to Shore hardness, in case anyone needs it: