Flexible filament?

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie on 3D Printing and I’ve just received my Snapmaker 2.0 (A150)… I saw there are flexible filament! Can I use it with my Snap?
If yes can you give me some advice on how to use it? Any good item to buy on Amazon?


Hey, welcome to the community!

I would suggest to start slow with 3d printing, print small items first before going huge.
Printing flexible filament (TPU) is quiet challenging and not a easy exercise.
If you are ready to go on, search the forum for “TPU”.

Greets Chris

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Another tip, TPU comes in different “shore hardness” levels which is how flexible it is. High like 95A will be much more successful. The softer stuff is more prone to kink up inside the print head and ruin your job.

Overture makes a 95A which I’ve had good luck with on another printer. Haven’t really tried with my SM2 yet.

When you search the forum you’ll find a thread with a little modification that goes inside to help prevent kinking. I’ve not tried this yet but plan to at some point.


Thank you very much guys!