Touchscreen not showing anything

Did firmware update. And touchscreen not starting up as normal. It has a pattern but that is is.

Same problem here. Occurred after the firmware update got stuck at 100%. Had to turn the machine off which probably bricked it.

Any way to reload the firmware using other means (without a responsive touchscreen) ?

I contacted Snapmaker support, but given that its Chinese New Year, don’t expect to hear from them for at least a week.

In the meantime, the touchscreen displays the Authorization screen if I connect to the machine from Luban via Wifi, so I know the touchscreen is ok and its the controller that’s hosed.

From Luban, clicking Ok when prompted to Go Home hangs Luban, so I’m quite certain the controller was bricked during the firmware update process.

Is there a way to load firmware into the controller via the mini USB port (not through the Type A USB port used for memory sticks) ?

I have the same problem.

For clarification, which firmware version?

same thing happened to me!

I upgraded to 1.15, had the “Detected outdated module firmware” error after upgrade. Tried many times to upgrade the module firmware without success.

I then tried to downgrade to 1.12 which has the module firmware. The touchscreen got stuck at 100% during the controller update. Switching off the machine bricked the controller.

Suggest you email support. Another user said support will help you get the controller working again by flashing with a special software.

Update - i managed to restore my controller firmware back to the Oudated module firmware detected loop. At least i know that my controller isn’t bricked.

Further update: Those having the 1.15 update loop should try the solution posted here:

I have my machine working again.

Same with mine, just updated software to test the dual extrusion module - just trying recommendations now.

My machine does not react, it stops in such a position with these gray lumps. It is not possible to re-upload the software because the functions are not available. Help