Stuck in an Update Loop

Got my F350 today and after Succesfully printing a benchy i decided to update the firmware because it showed a notfication about a outdated module firmaware.
After updating the Firmware via USB it shows the message again with no Option to dismiss or exit. The "update succesfully " screen with the “complete” button is visible in the backround but i cant press it since i dont get out of the “Update Now” window. Restarting the printer without the USB stick didnt help. Its completly stuck in this Loop

I have the same problem, when trying to update my A350 to the lastest firmware 1.15.11 (from the version 1.12.xx).

The updater always updates the controller but never updates the modules.

After the reboot after the update, it always says the modules are outdated, and the popup is modal and can’t be bypassed.

Disconnecting all modules (linear, enclosure and head) the popup disappeared but as soon as I connect one of them, the popup appear again.

We should be able to bypass this popup and update only the modules when the controller is already updated.
In the information of the Snapmaker, my working area is “0x0x0” but it may be related to the not connected modules.

I will try an older firmware hopping to escape this broken updater dead loop.

I confirm the firmware 1.15.11 is broken. Modules never update.

Use the firmware 1.14.3. Everything works well for me and this time its updated the modules.
The popup is gone and my snapmaker is working again.

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Came to the forum to ask about this issue, but @vsss saved the day. Thank you so much!

Details of what I did:

  1. Disconnected from the internet
  2. Disconnected all modules
  3. Downloaded 1.14.3 onto USB
  4. Update
  5. Turn off device. Connect all modules
  6. Turn back on. Oh no! The dreaded popup! Don’t fear. Click update.
  7. Profit!

Thank you so so much


Vsss & Evan - thanks for the detailed pointers to recover from the dreaded 1.15 update loop.

I confirm that the steps provided by Evan restored my machine. It is absolutely vital that step 1 be done by disabling Wifi on the machine so that updates are fetched from the USB disk.

For the Dual Extruder owners (I’m not one sadly, so I can’t guarantee it actually works), try this firmware: Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series: Stable Print Quality at Higher Speed. So far it’s been working fine for me, no loops or weird module behaviour, though I’ve only used it for 3DP.

Frustrating, but maybe put the links to firmwares in your comments to make it easier for people.

Its linked all the time…

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