Machine not starting up after Firmware update

Hey everyone,

I have a Snapmaker 2.0 a350 I i have run into a problem. After having a few consecutive prints stop halfway through I decided to update my firmware on the machine through the USB. I started the install of the 1.13.1 update and everything was going fine. Then my control Panel screen went black (backlight was on but only gave a black image). I left it for an hour+while I did other things but the screen was still black and unresponsive so I turned the machine off. When I turned it back on again I get the snapmaker logo to appear and then it returns to the black screen. I also get a couple sounds from the linear modules like it wants to run the home routine, but nothing happens. What did I do wrong and how can I fix this?

No idea, but you can always reach out to support. If something died or glitched to the point you need replacement parts you’ll have to have a ticket with them anyways.

You could connect to the controller with a USB cable from Luban and issue M1999 to retrieve the startup log of the controller. If that appears to be fully functional you can run the machine in the meantime over USB while the touchscreen issue is sorted out.