Firmware update go wrong

I have finished to mount the Snapmaker 2.0 without problem.
After first steps to calibrate the plate i have put in the USB and launched the firmware update. After few seconds the snapmaker screen show " 110/110 file completed" (or something like that) and then reebot.
After, more or less, 2 hours nothing happened so i have turned off the printer. Now the printer not start any more, the screen still black and on Snapmaker Luban can’t see the printer Wifi.

What to do ?

ps. already sent an email to support…

Same problem here…
Started… 110/110 done
Then updating controller 428/428 done
then… Updating… 1 hour has passed…
Same message on screen : “updating”

I rebooted manually… On/off button.
Snapmaker restarted but firmware is not updated.

My printer never reached the “updating controller”, immediately after the “110/110 completed” the touch screen become black (i was thinking was a reboot) and from that moment the screen still black.

Oh this is bad. I will wait with updating the Firmware then. This is an urgend issue, people receiving there SM2 and bricking it right away. Any reaction from the support?

Hi Askbruzz, wht version of Firmware did you try to flash and have Support gotten back to you about it yet?

Was about to do a Flash to V1.6.0.0 and came upon your post. Holding back to see if Support have suggested anything to recover from a failed flash.

the problem, after few test, was a broken cable and not the firmware :smiley:

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OK I tried it and the update succeeded. Touchscreen is still at 1.5.x, controller @

I’m having this problem right now but with v1.15.23. Touchscreen keep showing “updating”. After manual restart it’s still v1.15.12.

Did you find the solution?

I think this problem is because the device has run out of storage space.
Go into the special developer mode:
Settings → About Machine → touch photo 5 times.
It will say “Enter development mode”.
Go back, back to the Home Screen.
Then go into experiment → “Clear Local Files”.

I’ve been having this problem for many months now, and it just dawned on me it could be a lack of storage space. Other issues have been:

  • starting a print from the touchscreen, and it just goes into a loop of “copying file to touchscreen”
  • won’t remember computer connection and I have to go downstairs to my machine and accept it
  • firmware will never update on the touchscreen, always stays on “updating touchscreen” and I have to manually power off machine. Firmware update would not be done.

Confirming now that it successfully and quickly updated to the latest firmware via wifi after “clear local files” in development mode.

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