Firmware update go wrong


I have finished to mount the Snapmaker 2.0 without problem.
After first steps to calibrate the plate i have put in the USB and launched the firmware update. After few seconds the snapmaker screen show " 110/110 file completed" (or something like that) and then reebot.
After, more or less, 2 hours nothing happened so i have turned off the printer. Now the printer not start any more, the screen still black and on Snapmaker Luban can’t see the printer Wifi.

What to do ?

ps. already sent an email to support…


Same problem here…
Started… 110/110 done
Then updating controller 428/428 done
then… Updating… 1 hour has passed…
Same message on screen : “updating”


I rebooted manually… On/off button.
Snapmaker restarted but firmware is not updated.


My printer never reached the “updating controller”, immediately after the “110/110 completed” the touch screen become black (i was thinking was a reboot) and from that moment the screen still black.