Thermistor replacement cable

so as i was trying to replace the block with a new one to troubleshoot some printing issues, the heating element wouldn’t come out. I suspect some filament got inside after a really bad failed print. As I was seeing if it could still come out, I broke one of the thermistor wires. It looks like a standard interface and use, is there a particular set of specs that would work best? or can I purchase a new set through SnapMaker? Obviously the print won’t work without one! I’ll use my soldering iron to heat the block enough to remove the heating element and clean it. Unless I can get both cables and just replace them, that works too!

I saw that you were going to send out a new set of cables to someone who couldn’t replace the filament for reasons. Totally not asking for a free replacement since it was my fault this broke, just need guidance on which one would be best for replacing it so i can do so! I did contact tech support initially, but i know there are doing lots of stuff, and now i understand what the issue actually is.


I too came here to find out about the thermistor. I broke mine after almost successfully finishing cleaning up after a particularly bad print failure. I have found these, ,on Amazon. They seem to be the right one and the industry standard. I am just hoping for a bit of confirmation before I order them.

Should be fine. I got these: which yes looks like more/less a “standard” type. I did hear from support and the 100K ohm ones are correct.

Type: NTC
Value of resistance: 100k
B value: 3950
The other end should be XH2.54 with 2 pins

Be aware: the ones i got at least did not have the same connector as the one in the 3d module. It works, but be careful with the wrapping because the connection won’t “click” in place. There is a fair amount of room to wrap up the rest of the cable inside the module, just again be careful!

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Model Answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

These appear to have the correct end…