Replacing the heater element

After my catastrophic print failure, I ended up having to replace the thermistor. Most everything that I found on Amazon came paired with a heater and so I figured that I would do both at the same time and save myself the pain of trying to clean all the plastic off of the heater element. They all looked the same, but there were those that were label as 12v ( what I purchased) and some as 24v. After I hooked the new ones up I found that while the thermistor work perfectly the heating element would heat up very quickly necessitating me to manually shut off the machine. After this happened with 2 of them I cleaned up the original element at everything went back to functioning normally.

My questions are as follows:

  1. What are the specs of the heating element? Is it a 12v or 24v?
  2. Is the difference in the expected voltage what caused it to heat so rapidly?
  3. What type of connector is used to connect the heater to the board? I think that they are known as JST connections.
  1. Everything on SnapMaker is 24V. I am pretty sure the heating element is 40W, but do not quote me on that.
  2. What caused it to heat up was you were basically running a 12V 40W heating element at 24V and 160W. This is because a 12V heating element has half the resistance as a 24V one. This means that twice the current flowed when you turned it on. If the current is doubled and so is the voltage that means the wattage was quadrupled.
  3. Not sure what the connector they use is.
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Ok, I was thinking that it may have been because the SnapMaker was running at 24v. Good to know that I was on the right track with that.

  1. These seem to be the correct sort. 24v 40w - I’ve had plenty of success with this
  2. Yes.
  3. 3.96mm pitch ones. Really tricky to find. I got this
    with some additional crimp connectors
    but haven’t fitted them to see if they are exactly the same

Are you sure the heatbed is 24v and not 12V? If so, where can. I get a replacement? The only 120mm x 120mm I’ve found run on 12v and any 24v are larger than 120x120.