Temperature on hot end module


I had a print get clogged and not finish. I tried to unload and load the filament and it was grinding on the feed gear. Then i noticed it was only getting to the set temperature and not maintaining the temperature. It would instantly start dropping. So luckily I have a replacement hot end but when i went to swap it I noticed the temperature sensor was just barely touching/not really inside the hot end at all. Is there a certain procedure/material i need to re insert it and have it stay at the right depth? It looks like it can go pretty deep into the hot end.

Please let me know if any of this makes sense and if anyone knows how to help me.

Thank you!

Its a known thing, put some thermal paste (a isolaiting one) in the hole an put the sensor back, it works a little bit as glue and holds the thermistor in.
Have also a look at the connector of the hotend and make sure all 4 pins are inside.
Good Luck

What stefix said

it doesnt have to be in a particular depth,

but as for thermal paste to kind of glue it in, you’ll want boron nitride thermal paste, something like arctic silver is conductive and we want a non conductive paste.

Glad they finally got an answer for their question from May.

Yeah man we are the friendly ones that can not read OK will shutdown and restart my brain this night!

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Hi there - again a newbie … I recently shredded my hot end and tried to clean/repair it afterwards. In the end - after everything was clean again of course - the thermistor was kind of fixed inside that drillhole. in short - the cable ripped of the thermistor and I ended up installing another hotend …

Question: Does anyone know what thermistor it actually is and does it make to replace the sensor (the hotend is not that expensive …). And, regarding your tipp above, do you have a sample product (e.g. amazon or likely) … thanks a lot!!

ADD: just found the thermistor in this thread:
Thermistor replacement cable - Snapmaker Original - Snapmaker: where creation happens

For what it’s worth -

Hotend assemblies are 9 dollars from snapmaker

i dont know the thermistor but i recon its probably not worth the hassle of reconstructing it anyhow. the PTFE tube has a limited life in the heatbreak just the same.

some people choose to rebuild that too though.

i personally ordered about 5 hotends to have on hand. i’ll reorder when i am down to one left after i install one.

however, i expect these 5 hotends to last me quite some time. i don’t like not being able to use a machine because i don’t have a 9 dollar part on hand lol

If you are asking for a paste to use

Boron Nitride Paste: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

that tube should last you a very long time.

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The thermistor in your edit says its from snapmaker original, it may or may not be the same one on the new system. just putting it out there.