The long-awaited quick swap kit for Snapmaker 2.0 250/350 machines

I guess if you’re not confident in your ability to insert the cable correctly turn OFF the power. Personally,
I don’t always power off when swapping out modules, because I like to have the light from the enclosure on.

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I hope this “easy to swap” position is configurable and triggerable anytime even without swap … It would be nice if I could tell my machine to go all the way to right automaticaly instead of manual 10 increments everytime when changing hotends, fiddling with filament or swaping drills :slight_smile:

$20 for a sheet of magnet, $1 to print a few clips and I’ve been just dropping the laser bed ONTO the print bed for a while now. So I lost a little vertical range, fine, not like I’m trying to laser motorcycle helmets or something.

The quick swap for the print to laser head would be interesting perhaps, but I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out how to get to those 4 little screws blindly, after a while, finally.

If I was buying the machine new, today, hecks yes I’d expect this feature set built in, that’s for sure, though. So grats on them for finally coming out with it.

Of course you are right. Even changing all screws each time you switch workloads is not that much of a hassle after all - at least for me this is not happening several times per day but just ever once in a while. So the Quick Swap kit addresses a true first world problem, but at this pricepoint I’m sure I’ll enjoy the convenience.

Ordered mine this morning. Thanks,

Me too - September tier is already sold out, seems to be a success.

Also, really happy that they sell toolhead plates seperatly after all - just ordered two of these also:

Did exactly the same :sweat_smile:
Really happy you made the suggestion to offer these as separate items.

Are you plugging and unplugging the tool head cable with the power on?

If you plug it in backwards in that state, does the tool head short-circuit on reverse insertion and die instantly?

I power-off the machine whenever I change plugs, so also when I change toolheads. And yes, there are several examples of people who managed to insert the toolhead cable wrong way around and thy fried the controller input, the toolhead or even both.

I also turn off the power before replacing it.

The Swap Kit is an exchange button and assists in the exchange position.

I am concerned that people will connect the cables with the electrical controls and orientation reversed.

Well, let’s hope that A) Snapmaker includes a good manual that instructs people to switch off power after moving to the swap position, B) People are not too lazy and do that, C) people who decide to ignore the instructions know what they do and D) that people who then fail and insert the plug the wrong way understand that this is their own fault and responsibility and do not flood the forum with flames…

Snapmaker Support has contacted us and we are sharing it with you.

They said that the SWAP KIT is replaced from the touch panel and that the power is turned off when doing so.

I share part of the email response

during this replacement process, will there be a problem if i unplug and plug in the cutter head and heater plate connectors while the machine power is on? There will be a problem

after pressing the button, the machine will prompt to turn off the power (see attached video), turn off the power and then replace it.

There was no response to reverse connector insertion in the reply.

Thus, there appears to be no electrical interlocking of the connector cable of the head tool when connected in the opposite direction.

So, we expect that victims of backward connector connection will continue to occur.


Why and how should the quickswap prevent that a User forcing the cable wrong way to the heads? The quickswap has nothing to do with the cables.
All in all, the quickswap should reduce wrong connection since you can connect the cable with an unmounted head and better view before quick mount it to the rails.

That is correct.
The head tool connector reverse connection has nothing to do with the Swap kit:(

It is because I think that the fact that the connector reverse connection can be made is a defect.

I did not burn up the base by making a reverse connection.
It is because other users are unknowingly making reverse connector connections and breaking them.

I just wanted to make sure that the product was safe and that the possibility of damage was addressed.

For example, when replacing the SWAP KIT, the touch panel will tell you to turn off the power.

“Please turn off the power and connect the cable in the correct direction. If you make a mistake, it will be damaged.”

I think just a reminder would reduce the number of people who damage it.

It would be even better if it could be electrically interlocked.

Ps. I am using an English conversion tool, so the nuance I want to convey may be different.

@Riskey could you please let us know how available work area changes with quick swap installed? So we can adjust our profiles in Cura and Prusa etc?

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Hope this helps. Source: Snapmaker 2.0 Quick Swap Kit – Snapmaker US


SORRY to say I have been expecting this DOWNFALL for quite some time!
With all the time and expense spent on expanding the product lines and advertising, it was ONLY a matter of time before QUALITY would suffer.
First was the confusion of compatibility between the “quick swap kit” and new laser module.
Now I received my Quick Swap Kit, only to find NO QUALITY PRODUCTION USER MANUAL! In its place was a card telling me to go to a web site and watch a video. OK, BUT there is NO SUCH INSTRUCTION VIDEO at that web link? ? ? It seems to me Snapmaker is becoming too big for its own shoes. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup!
I will continue to be a Snapmaker supporter, but with much more tempered expectations. As soon as I get my Quick Swap Kit installation figured out, I will start down the long support road to solve the next product induced hurdle. I like so many others early on jumped to get the “Rotary Module”. The first problem you encounter with this is constantly adding and removing the module from the base plate. The solution is quite simple, BUY a separate baseplate and mount the rotary module to it, then only change the baseplate as needed. NOW after I figure out how to install the quick swap kit, I will have to see if I can somehow get the required Quick Swap baseplate adapter for my second router baseplate.
This will probably be my last upgrade as I’m getting too old to keep swinging at windmills. I hope Snapmaker will take a step back and see they are starting to RUN AWAY from what made them such a GREAT new company and are now just focusing on $$$ what lays ahead.

Welcome back, and if you will please direct your ire to the approprate Wiki for your product and please see yourself into a better disposition nobody should piss in their own breakfast’s daily


OK, today I received the quick swap kit - and installed it right away.

Note, that it is not necessary to remove a SnapMaker 350 from its enclosure to install the kit. With a proper L-shaped Allen key (gewinkelter Innensechskant in German) it is indeed possible to loosen the 8 screws connecting the y-axis linear modules by fumbling under the support platform. Admittedly it took some patience… to install the new platform bracket then was easier.

VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT for any SnapMaker employee reading this: It is absolutely necessary that the toolhead plates are sold separately. I currently have 4 toolheads, a fifth one is planned - so the kit leaves me two short.


But there are already toolhead plates you can buy separately. Also a plate for the cnc platform would be nice (Rotary module).