The long-awaited quick swap kit for Snapmaker 2.0 250/350 machines

Online Wiki: Quick Start Guide for 2.0 Quick Swap Kit | Snapmaker Wiki

Dear Snapmaker 2.0 owners,

We have some exciting news to share with you regarding the release of the long-awaited quick swap kit for your machines. Our new Snapmaker 2.0 Quick Swap Kit is finally ready for production, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

With this kit, you will be able to switch between different tool heads and platforms quickly and easily, allowing for even greater flexibility and convenience when using your device. However, it’s important to note that you will need to recalibrate your machine when accessing a quick swap kit for the first time or when you find the work result is not perfect.

The Quick Swap Kit is compatible with the A250/A250T/F250/A350/A350T/F350 models, but unfortunately, it’s not compatible with the A150 due to the fixed structure of its platform and the platform switching time for the A150 is much shorter than that of the A250 and A350.

The Quick Swap Kit is designed to be used both within and without the enclosure. It is also designed to work perfectly with various modules, including the Single Extrusion 3D Printing Module, 1.6W Laser Module, 50W CNC Module, 10W High Power Laser Module, and Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module.

We are planning to launch the kit in June, so please stay tuned for updates. We know that many of you have been waiting for this product, and we are thrilled to finally be able to make it available to you. Thank you for your patience and continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the Quick Swap Kit.

BTW. Here are photos and video that I took about two weeks ago when trying out this kit using a internal test unit. :wink:


  1. Add a video to show how the quick swap kit is used within an enclosure.

  2. Add three videos provided by one 2.0 owner, who helps us in user test - 孤狼. Please note that the quick swap kit 孤狼 used is a test unit. There will be slightly difference between early test units and production units. The major difference is that for locking the positions of two parts, it uses a screw in the early test unit, while in the production unit, it uses a dowel, which will be more concise and accurate.

  3. Add the link to the product page and pricing.


Thumbs up!

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Love it!
Will owners get first dibs?

Do I understand correctly it contains multiple metal frames? One for each function?

What would the sales price be?


@Jade it’s going to work with the beds too?!

Thank you.

Interesting. How does this work if you have the enclosure? Have you got that base plate on correctly? Shouldn’t the bed slide off to the right towards the side of the enclosure that opens?


Well it’s certainly a nice update that it will include a quick-swap for the beds. The previous update was that it would not. Hopefully none of it adversely affects the rigidity of the toolhead or platforms.


I assume they made it with the controller bracket in mind. Looking at the video and how the hardware is slotted in the box, it’s made one-way. Though it LOOKS like it could be reversed, it’d just have the locking handle on the back and you’d have to reach under the platform.

Looking at the video again there is a peg on the base bracket (the one fixed to the linear rails) which acts as a stop so i’m guessing (hoping) that can be placed at either end.

The physical catch is only machined on one side though.

I see that now. As for the controller bracket, that is moved onto the enclosure framework. I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks whats possible. One thing it will screw up is the mod to stabilise the bed with rails.

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Yep, totally screwed if you have SBR16 support rails, or anything else that attaches to the platform.

Does the kit include two bed frames? Or is it in the form of an additional purchase?
I only want to purchase the quick attachments for the head.The one for the bed is not needed.
I don’t want a lot of unnecessary parts included in the price.

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$300 plus $60 shipping tax.
I have a feeling that the selling price will exceed $360.
Would you still buy it?

OK, that does not look too bad… Like most here the price point is for me the relevant question. They had a competition recently where the first price was a 250 $ voucher, and the second price a quick swap kit… that raised hopes that we will get it for less than 250… My personal inner limit would be 150 $, which if the series continues, would mean they sell it for 300 $ :slight_smile: With basically any addon they offered list price was more or less twice of what I was willing to pay - fortunately the preorder prices were OKish…

Btw.: The icing on the cake would be if they’d offer standoffs for the Z-axis-modules to compensate for the loss in Z-height!


Thanks, that will be a great improvement :sparkles: . Glad it’ll work with the enclosure as well.

Not seeing how it’ll work with the enclosure. It slides off to the left, right into the wall of the enclosure, door is on the right. Unless you plausibly install it reverse and reach under, but it should have already been taken into consideration so it could be mounted either way. Making the stop pin install on either side, and the catch milled in both ends should rectify it.

Please see ‘updates’ video “Add a video to show how the quick swap kit is used within an enclosure.”


I am looking forward to this upgrade

I see the update now, didn’t catch it before.