Strange 3D print result

Hi guys,
I’m getting this strange result printing with my A150 and it seems that sometimes the filament doesn’t stick with the bottom layer or … don’t know!
Not sure but before I upgraded both the firmware and Luban never happened… maybe doesn’t matter at all but…

I’ve printed this part with the standard fast printing setting for my A150. After That I’ve tried the normal standard settings and it seems better but not good as expected yet.

Could you please send me the STL file and the G-code file you printed so that I can check it at our end? It seems that the nozzle dragged the supporting structure and the melted filament ran out of the model.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks Edwin, here there is the link from where I took the file:

…and here the code I used on my A150:
AT1Dog_06276011.gcode (2.2 MB)

Also… I’m trying to print this model but it seems I also have some problem here:

MakitaFINAL_09173011.gcode (869.0 KB)


I had something similar to this happen to me.

My guess is that the extruded material clung to the nozzle, and the clumps became thread-like during the layer movement.

Didn’t that garbage like stuff grow on the nozzle?

Before I mold on my 3D printer…
I raise the temperature of the nozzle to molding temperature and clean the nozzle and heater cover area with a cotton swab.

If there is any adhesion, it gets stuck and grows.

It’s like a living thing :frowning:

Thanks for response!
I’ll give it a try but I already cleaned up the nozzle and doesn’t solve the issue.

@AirMonk don’t use skirt, skirt is typically used to prime the nozzle before printing really small objects. Use brim, it attaches to the outer most, bottom most edge line of the print and assists greatly in bed adhesion.

Also use these to get body oils off of the sticker. Body oils ruin adhesion.

MG Chemicals - 824-WX50 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Handy Wipe, 6" Length x 5" Width (Bag of 50) MG Chemicals - 824-WX50 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Handy Wipe, 6" Length x 5" Width (Bag of 50): Industrial & Scientific

@Edwin : any news about my issue?

You should calibrate your machine, have a look at this:
Summary: Extruder calibration a must

I see underextrusion on your first picture.
The skirt on the last picture doesn´t hit the bed, this means the bed calibration is too far off/away.

Thanks for response!
So it seems I should goes little bit closer to the bed? I’m using the paper card and it seems just tight enough… mmmhhh…

Is there anyone the could help me I am having no success printing
bed adhesion issues wifi will not connect and USB is not recognized
I printed the vase a gear a couple dragon eggs but then Multiple failures followed
so disappointed in my investment

You need to start a new thread with your problems and questions and not hijack a thread with an unrelated problem.

Share what you’re using for settings. What brand and type of filament. What you’re trying to print. What version of Luban and firmware you’re using.
What have you done for calibration and adjustments?
Share photos of your first layers. Of your machine (from a few different angles).

Then we can actually help you.


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