Filament Doesn't stick

It won’t stick! I’ve replaced the nozzle and the base sticker. I’m testing by reprinting small objects I’ve already printed. Attempted with a few things including (which is the video)
but all of them are suffering the same issue. I’ve recalibrated about 5 times and retried and nothing works. I completed a 28h print last night (my 4th print!) and it went perfectly. Not sure what happened.

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Hi Mika, I’m not sure if I can help but we can try. Are you using the new Discord channel ? Then we can chat or even video call.

Had no idea this existed but amazing, I’ll be in there in the morning!

Hi Mika,the distance you set between the heated bed and nozzle is too large. You should adjust the distance until there is slight resistance on the paper from the nozzle as the Quick Start Guide instructed (page 18-20).

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Could you tell us if you live in a humid climate or not?

Also, have you tried using anything to help adhesion, e.g. glue stick or hairspray? Doing so gives you a margin for error in your calibration. I use glue stick all the time.

I do! I live in Vancouver, BC which is pretty humid. Though not rainforest humid! I put my filliment in a bin with some descants and that did seem to make it stic again

Actually I’ve tried this 4 or 5 times :slight_smile:

Like an elmer glue stick? I saw that in the guide but I’ll admit it scares me the thought of using glue haha

I’m thinking that it’s not necessarily the filament that has moisture but perhaps the print bed is condensing some moisture. The heated bed would tend to do that. Have you tried wiping the surface with alcohol and wiping with a nice clean dry cloth just prior to printing? The video you posted looked to me like the print head was too far away which could be it. Oh, and maybe slow down the first layer speed.

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Yep, the purple stuff that turns clear as it dries. When the print is done, you can run the print under water to see where the residue is: it’ll turn purple again. It washes off with just water.

Hey @Mika!

Try cleaning your build plate with some rubbing alcohol and a cloth :slight_smile:

I mad the same issue with some PLA. If you are using PLA, try baking it in the oven for an hour or so at 60 degrees C. That should be hot enough for the moisture to escape but not too hot so that the filament merges. I did it with my PLA and it improved print quality too :slight_smile:

I always wipe my print bed after every print. Also try to not stick your fingers all over the build plate, as the oil on your fingers can ruin the adhesion.

Also, attempt to recalibrate with a piece of paper.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I had/have a similar issues and got lots of good ideas! Maybe let’s habe a look at this thread as well:

I just tried a few days ago and have to admit that I am still not successful, but maybe there’s one or the other hint that might help you.

I think I really need to find somebody experienced now that comes to my home and has a look. May I am just too stupid :slight_smile:


Hi Chris!

What have you tried already?


One thing to bear in mind. When you recalibrate it’s always good to check the end of the nozzle first. When it’s cold after the last print you can sometimes get a little cold pla that protrudes. It throws the calibration out by whatever distance the pla sticks out. I always print with a raft too especially with very small parts.
Also clean the bed with some isopropyl regularly.

Make a video call on Discord to @X_Pilot
Show him your problem and the oven :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to share that I was having exactly the same problem, and the solution in my case turned out to simply bring the nozzle closer to the bed during calibration - bringing it down to the point where the paper was resisting pulling fairly strongly (though not fully stuck). I tried a 0.09mm feeler gauge, and even in that case I had to bring the nozzle fairly far down into the gauge (to the point where it would sometimes “pop” off when I pulled the gauge out) before the filament would stick from the get-go. I’m going to try some thinner gauges to see if I can find one that seems like the right thickness.