Adherence of Filament

Hi folks,
I got my Snapmaker 2.0 last week and finished assembly yesterday. First Project should be a small character from Star Wars.
On the first attempt even the first line of filament would not stick to the heat bed. So I did recalibrate the Z-Value with less offset. Next try it started nicely with good adherence of the filament for the baseplate and even half of the boots of the statue.
This morning I saw that after that the adherence of the filament obviously got lost and I found (beside of baseplate and half of the boots) just a bunch of filaments that stuck together.
Any advises how to get use to that problem. As this is my first 3-D printer I don’t have any idea what the problem could be and how to solve this…

Thankful for any advise,


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what bed and nozzle temperatures are you running and print settings?

Need pictures, settings, type of filament to be able to help. Could be temp too low and under-extrusion.
Did you calibrate extruder?

Before you print anything fun or big (or even medium sized) need to try a benchy or calibration cube and get things dialed in.

Hi again, unfortunately I don’t have photos from the first print with the Star Wars character. It took me some efforts to get this thing away from the baseplate as it stuck unbelievable.

All prints are made with the PLA coming along with the printer, Bet initial 70°, then 60°. Nozzle 200°

Yesterday I did a new attempt trying to print these small cube I found somewhere here in a tutorial.
Before doing that I calibrated the Extruder and the heat bed (@60°C) again. I cleaned the print area with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Problem with the cube was that the brim would not stick to the plate and the first layer as you can see on the photo did not stick either. After printing a pretty neat middle part at the end the cube lost adherence to the plate …

I did a leveling @ 60° again and tried to print two bearings from a filament spool holder. Brim was fine, Beside the fact that adherence got lost at 3/4 of the print it seems that the first layers are ok and then a couple of layers does not fit, then its getting better again. I hope you can see that on the pictures (can try to make better pictures in case). For that print I cleaned the first layer to 125%.

Today I gave it another try with the cube. I did a re-level again and it seems I’m on the right way. The cube came out really nice for the beginning and it came off the platform easily, maybe due to the Alcohol (not that I had some :smile:).

One other thing bothers me, I bought my 350 with the enclosure. Using the 1 kg Spool that came along with the printer there is really strong tension on the filament inside the housing. Due to the long way and even the need to get through the hole in the enclosure I guess its really hard for the extruder to pull the filament. I’m not sure if, left like this, it’s a good idea?!
Do you guys use a spool adapter?

I’ve seen other people post about the filament tension on the v2. There are several posts about people having the same concern with some good suggestions. Those are two I found doing a forum search (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right) for “2.0 filament”.

Regarding your first print, most figures I’ve seen will require support of some sort. If the model includes areas that would need to start printing in mid-air, it’s not going to work out of the box. Here’s an example: The model’s hands and cape aren’t going to start printing correctly. Since they start in mid air, the extruder will just create filament spaghetti, and that spaghetti will just float around until it gets scaped off on something. If you enable the supports feature, Luban will generate some scaffolding that will allow those areas to be printed. For that model, I think the “Touched Buildplate” support would be sufficient, but I’d want to examine the model’s layers to be sure I didn’t need “Everywhere” support. From the first model, I can’t tell if the hand holding the blaster pistol and the cape start over the buildplate or the base. If they start over the base, you will need “Everywhere” support.

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