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Thanks @kelvin8r

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Another suggestion for the store, sell additional base-plates. I can imagine some users might like to setup a plate for CNC use and another for lasering use and as they may have added different holders/fences etc for each.



question: when we receive the 50% off coupon once the store is finished, would that apply to ANYTHING on the store, including say another Snapmaker? I’ve been having great success with mine and yes while the shipping cost for just stickers is prohibitive atm (until US distribution like above), am debating on ordering an entire other machine plus 1 (or 2!) of the 1.6W laser, and possibly other parts if they are available soonish (like longer arms).



I believe the 50% off is only for the 1.6W laser module for KickStarter backers. @Rainie? And my guess would be that it’s only good for one of those.


Nice try @magumbasauce

You get the cheapskate award. hahahaha @Tone and I are not that cheeky.

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Just went to think about finishing my order (of a few spare bits and pieces) and noticed my basket now included 10 items - not 8. Somehow an extra 2 printers got added to the basket :slight_smile:


How long did your items sit in the basket?
Maybe they are replicating themselves! :wink: :wink:


@harry Thank you for reporting this issue. I notice that too. It must be a bug of merging Cart of different browser tab or session of different device. It’s in the bug list. I will working on that.

@Tone Regarding to coding and programing, there is no magic(or AI) , just bug I am afraid. Aha… ^_^.

@doug We will make an official statement, after we fulfill all our KS backer. Thank you for reminding me. Coupon code is in progress. Coming soon! Giving them to you along with the official statement.

@magumbasauce 50% off discount we going to offer this time can only apply to 1.6w Laser Module. But we have plan to give away discount offer to our subscriber time to time or we will organize some design and share competition to give them as reward.
About the shipping cost. My colleague is working on that. We are going to set up US base warehouse to offer better experience regarding to deliver cost and time in the future.


Hello! One thing I think could be included in the parts is the option for a spare heated bed!


@Rainie: I can’t post new topics to the getting started or hardware thread, keep getting the message “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

So hopefully you can move this to the right forum(s) instead:

Just received my unit and am putting it together… and am already having problems on step 1 :frowning:

The M4 8 screws provided are not long enough to fully pass thru the feet and screw into the base plate.

As you can see from the pics, only a portion of the first thread of the screw is even visible when the foot is turned side on.


@samandiriel & @Rainie
Someone else had the same issue. The problem is not the M8 screw but the rubber foot. The washer inside the foot might not have sunken in deep enough. This might be a moulding issue or you might be able to force the washer deeper.



Hi @samandiriel,

Our apologies for the problem you ran into.

We have received some feedback and we found there is a small problem with the feet in this batch.

We provide two solutions for this problem:

  1. Pull the iron hoops inside the feet out, and push down the screw and tighten it.

  2. Use longer M4 screws you have.

If the above solutions can’t solve the problem, please fill in the warranty request and send an email to Our support team will help you with it.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,


Got my coupon for the 1600 laser. The store was a little sluggish but eventually worked. (Could be getting a lot of hits!)
Being shipped from California! SUPER. Shipping was $7.58 to Salt Lake City.


Hi @Tone and @Rainie

I just ordered my laser… went through at laser speed… must be that Australia is closer.

Have a a great week



I need to try ordering again. I tried about 2.5 hours ago and could not get the store to reload after going to PayPal to pay. So, I have an authorization sitting out there with no completed order.

Also, we’re forced to use a sandboxed version of IE 11 at work and the store will not load at all on it. I have to go outside and use my phone. I’m about to go outside and try it again.



I want to buy the 1600 mw Laser and send to Germany. TAX ist 25 Dollar. But the Tax did not change if I enter the discound Code. Is this a normal behavoir?
Its 25 Dollar TAX on 129 Dollar Laser
And its 25 Dollar on 64,5 Dollar Laser


@Rainie: I found a bug in the payment processing with regard to PalPal and resuming an order that was interrupted.

I attempted to order the 1.6W laser module a few hours ago, but only got as far as authorizing the PayPal payment before I couldn’t get the store to reload due to the server being overloaded. I went back in a few minutes ago and attempted to complete the order, but when I selected PayPal as the payment source, an “ACK” error was displayed that said an authorization was already pending for the invoice ID. I would expect PayPal to respond in this way when resuming an order after a few hours, but the Snapmaker Store website would not re-associate the authorization with the order and insisted on having me fill out the credit card fields. I even tried emptying my cart and redoing the order, with the same results. As a result, I was forced to use a credit card to complete the order.


I was able to place an order on July 3 for the 1.6W laser module and the enclosure, and the discount code I received via email was successfully applied. I received the order confirmation email, however the link to the order in the order confirmation email shows “Order Not Found”; I’m not certain of my order status…

Using Firefox 60.0.2 on LInux Mint 17.3


Hi @BobCus @Rainie

I thought that I would give it a few days (five) before checking my order and I too receive the Order Not Found message


Over to you Snapmaker, please fix.



I’m in the same boat as BobBacus and doug. Placed order on 3rd but get Order Not Found from email link. PayPal sent Authorization email so I know that side of it worked. - Please verify SnapMaker. Thanks.