Shipping related

Currently experiencing a shipping issue with Snapmaker. Looking through the forum it’s not a new thing.

So as a caution here is my experience this far.

I ordered direct from Snapmaker an Air purifier and two filters. Days later the order updated with tracking that resulted with page not found. Contacted support the issued a new tracking that resulted in a label created and on the way notification. Few days later no update on the tracking page.

At the same time I ordered through Amazon the A350t and Enclosure.

A350t shipped from Illinois and made it to MO. 7 days later still hasn’t moved.

Enclosure label created but has never moved from Mississipi 7 days later.

3 different products, 3 different locations, 2 different methods of purchasing all result in the same scenario of no updates and no movement. At the time of purchase there was no indication of delayed shipping from either party.

Amazon says its lost at this point and they can only refund the order.

Snapmaker says oh it’s on the way and they will look into the Amazon order to be sure. The air purifier is surely on the way and no worries there.

All filament and other items arrived just fine which is fulfilled by Amazon.

So as it sits I am missing and or cant locate any of the high dollar amount products. The biggest concern is Amazon wants to refund the products ordered through them because they cant contact Snapmaker since they are “3rd party”. I purchased them on sale and of course no longer on sale.

This is still playing out but needs to be told so other buyers realize how Amazon responds and that shipping is still a problem in 2021.

I would expect Snapmaker to step up and see all this through but we shall see.

Well …
Usually on the forum or FB people write when something is wrong. They do not write or do it very rarely that the order was delivered quickly without problems etc.
Cannot be generalized.
I think a lot depends on global / local suppliers like UPS, DHL, Fedex - and less on Snapmaker. Perhaps the continent, region, state, also matter.

I live in European Union and I buy snapmaker products through the European Snapmaker store.
For all my orders, everything was always delivered as declared and without problems - orders were shipped straight from Shenzhen. My order tracking links always worked and I was always able to accurately track the journey of my parcels. :+1:

A few days ago, for the Black Week sale, I ordered a CAN Hub and some materials - I was expecting quite long delivery time (huge amount of global shipping in all those recent sales ). I was very surprised - my order was delivered within 3 days! Three days from order - shipment from Shenzhen to a city in a country in Europe.


I also ordered a A350T + Enclosure on Black Friday itself (26/11) from the EU store to ship to Belgium.
Altough the website mentioned that all products ordered in November will be shipped before 30 November, my order status hasn’t been changed since then…
Payment Status : Paid
Fulfillment Status : Unfulfilled
No news, no e-mail, no update, no tracking code since then…

Glad to see nothing has changed since the original kickstarter. Delays of up to months with infrequent to no communication.

Please excuse my pretty bad englisch, i am not a native speaker :slight_smile:

Same here, i already contacted the Customer Support.

Request started on 27th. Reply was: All Orders from November will be shipped out somewhere in December.
After i replied, i need the Snapmaker (which i actually do!), the CS replied, that she will check with logistics. That Message arrive to me on 29th of November. And since then: Dead.

On a side Note: I ordered a rotary module and a EStop Button on the same day. 2 Days Later they arrived. So i am sitting on 2 Modules, Return Time is Running and for now i have pretty expensive paperweights.

I will wait till Tuesday and then i will return everything and check other options…
If they send me atleast the Shipping Information, i would be totally satisfied…

A Little Update: The EU Store Website now states " Order will be shipped in Dec 15, 2021."
I hope that all BF Orders will be shipped earlier.

For everyones information. I sent a link to this forum post to the support person I have been working with at Snapmaker who is one of their top influencers. Letting her know there are some unhappy folks out here.

Hope that helps draw some attention to the issue for you folks.


At some point in the past you used to be able to @Snapmaker-Support or @staff and that would do something.

Out of curiosity, who have you been speaking with? I haven’t been able to keep up with the staff turnover they’ve been dealing with. Is Rainie still the main social media person?

@brent113 Only know her by her first name. Sherry, Influencer Marketing Specialist

But we have been communicating since the first part of October, and she has been quite helpful.

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Suyi has provided a couple responses but no real logistics. Just, it’s on the way. Tracking says differently.

Amazon forced a refund just a bit ago since they cant track the product and cant contact the seller. So now I have a ton of filament and cnc bits to try and melt with a lighter to make a butter pig.


If customer service wants to communicate and correct all this that would be stellar but we shall see. No response from my 2 support tickets.

I ordered before Thanksgiving to stay ahead of black Friday.

Martin Kong shows up on FB occasionally. (Mostly just for contests and announcements)
Haven’t seen any posts by Rainie on here or FB for quite some time.


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That is very apt and I go along with that. Patience is always difficult in our hurried times.
On the other hand, all anyone really wants is clarity.

My situation is exactly the same as Boeky’s

In these black Friday weeks and the days leading up to Christmas, global logistics are certainly at their limits from time to time. Patience is certainly needed here.
I just wish I had a short message from the Snapmaker team. I interpret the silent night differently… .

However, a delayed delivery also means longer anticipation, doesn’t it?
So I am practising patience

When Amazon wants to refund your purchase because they cant track the package after a week that leans more towards Snapmaker. In my scenario anyway…

For example, the filter system ordered direct from them has a 3 day wait for shipping and now it’s a week with no movement. When I purchased there was no wait time listed in red as it is now.

I’d love to say logistics is the issue because of the obvious issues these days but in my case that would be more of a scapegoat. Unanswered tickets is more evidence of quality of service.

I placed an order for something else from another company at the same time i did for the filter system and both are shipping from the same area. 3 days it got here same carrier even.

Not much I can do with Amazon because they are pushing the money back to me.

Would love to hear from those who have posted if this product is amazing and worth the hassle.

I ordered mine from the Black Friday flash sale. Label was created 3 days after purchase and was finally picked up by UPS 2 days after that. When it arrived it came at 9:30pm in the back of a (I’m not joking) 1987 Datsun pickemup truck. Not sure about other carriers but if UPS is experiencing shipping issues and having to hire just anyone with a truck to deliver I’d be willing to guess it’s a worldwide issue with most carriers.

Was packaged so well I don’t think it’s possible to damage it. UPS has a bad rap for damaging boxes and they could have probably hit this thing with that little Datsun pickup and did more damage to the truck.

To me it was worth the wait.

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+1 for Snapmaker

-1 UPS

I would have been happy it just arrived or was trackable…Datsun or Radio Flyer.

Saw an SUV dropping stuff off the other day. Packed to the roof with boxes. Whatever works!

@Dfg Lucky you.
Nice to read that. But it sounds crazy. BTW UPS has a pretty good reputation in Germany… . I don’t know how it is here in Ireland.

@Turdferguson Yes, I also think that the Snapmaker team can still catch up a bit in customer service. But not all companies have the resources that Amazon has. And Snapmaker has grown rapidly from KickOff. That all has to be managed first.
Sure I haven’t received the Snapmaker A350T bundle yet BUT I think it’s worth waiting for.
I would also be very happy to hear from forum members who have had different experiences and are just happy with their machine.

Like Boeky, I haven’t received any information from Snapmaker yet.
To my patience I add some AddOns that I have ordered. So delivery when complete?
@Snapmaker: A short info would just help.

Anyway I am really looking forward to my Snapmaker.

Update from me: Shipping Label has been created and “Order is shipped” Notification arrived today.

Yippie - my bundle was just announced too.
I’m really happy and hope all the other waiting people will get their notice now.

Good luck! I got the same but it never moved.

Same here,
I received an e-mail from snapmaker too that the shipment label has been created :slight_smile:

10:04 A.M. Label Created

Let’s hope for the best… :joy: