My order says it arrived but only rotary module & some extra cnc bits arrived // order 28.11.22

i ordered my Snapmaker 2.0 A350T + Rotary Module + 10w Laser Module. It got shipped by DHL Germany with 2 shipping numbers. The one where the machine was supposed to be in arrived on saturday 03.12. But it was only the Rotary module. Can’t reach customer service. Already wrote 2 mails and even tried to call. On my Order list stands now - everything is delivered. What can i do?? That’s so annoying

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Hi Justin,
I also have something like this order has been delivered (would enclosure and A350T and Rotary) however only the Rotary got in,
made a req but after 4 days I haven’t heard back.

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You make me worried, I ordered and paid for a A250T with enclosure and rotary module package, I received only the rotary module package and hear nothing from Snapmaker on the mails I send. From a German shipper and DPD, DPD reports the package is delivered. Snapmaker in china doesn’t react on my mails, and no reply to my questions.

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Don’t know where it goes wrong, at snapmaker in Shenzhen or at (in my case) in transit Raunheim (DE).

In any case make a report to , the more we do this the sooner they respond

You wrote to Never had problems with Email communication. Maybe a bit slow, but every question was answered and every request tried to fullfill.

I ordered the F350 two weeks ago in the night from 21.12. to the 22.11. - still no shipment, and no answers on my requests.

No responds on my 7 day old inquiry.

it’s the same here. A350T + Enclosure + 10W Laser + Rotary Bundle + Air Purifier + CAN Hub ordered on Nov. 25th. Rotary Bundle and Air Purifier are delivered on Dec. 1st and the Hub on Dec. 2nd.
On Dec. 1st I received a mail that everything is delivered…

The customer service didn’t give any response to my mails… I’m a little bit pi**ed off…

maybe someone on linkedin, to send a message to the ceo, or sales person :smile:

My experience is that all items are pre-packed. So you will never recieve a printer with other parts. They will be sent alone every time.

When UPS told me in the past that the package is not yet recieved then it is normally still in international shipment before it is handled by b2c delivery company.

BUT it is not nice to communicate this not to the customer.


Of course it can go wrong sometimes, but there is a difference in your complete order being delivered or only getting a part, the report was that the entire order was delivered and that is why I reported this.

If they just give a small response that they are working on it I am fine with that.

tomorrow (wednesday) is a week after i reported it, i myself don’t like to make customers wait more than 3 days for a response, that’s not good for the company :smile:

yeah, thinking the same. even comparing it to the amount of money “we” spent it’s kinda hilarious how unresponsive the customer service is. i sent like 4 mails and got nothing back yet.

I don’t want to excuse snapmaker. I just want to soothe you.

I pre ordered an 3000€ Artisan and never got an official Email that the delivery will last two month longer than they promoted. This is really bad customer communication as I said.

This morning I’ve got an answer from the support. 2 more parcels are on the way…

got an email and a bell at the front door today, there was UPS there with a package, then another reply to my req, everything was delivered.
they give more attention to resolving shipments than answering an email or request.

all in all i am very happy today and can get on with the next few days. :vulcan_salute:

Good luck and Welcome to snapmaker Family :wink:

For some reason, this is typical of stuff coming from China. Just be patient, and don’t worry - it’ll all get there!!

same with me. It shows everything as delivered basically but it’s not. Then they wrote the main package has been shipped yesterday and i will get another tracking number but i didn’t a week later.

I am also missing some parts still inside the other packages.

Patience is hopefully key.

I just don’t get how it takes over 3 weeks without even a notification…
On the Amazon Shop Site here in Germany it says it’d arrive in 3 days and is in stock.
Poorly organized @Snapmaker-Support

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