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My confirmation link works.
Where are you all from?
I know @doug is from Australia.
Just wondering if it is destination related.
I just received my shipping notice today.
I’m in the US.


Hi @Tone

I think it is just a timing issue on when the order is processed. How many days since you ordered to when you received the shipping notice.

The smart thing to do is that when users check a message, it should indicate that the order is being processed.

Take care and have a great week.



I ordered as soon as the coupon came out and just received the shipping notice today.


@Tone I’m in Iowa, payment by cc (which has been charged). I also added an enclosure to my order, not sure if that matters. I too ordered as soon as I received the coupon email on 7/3 (specifically, I received my order confirmation email on Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 3:24 PM CDT). I was going to wait at least 5 business days like @doug before before contacting support. Since you’ve received your shipping notice, I’ll give it a couple more days. I’ve been assuming my order is being processed, it’s just with my link not giving any feedback I’m pretty much guessing at the moment.




I’m in the North East U.S. Payed by PayPal. Received order confirmation July 3, 8:53 PM. I plan to give it a few more days. Hoping its just a mess up with the confirmation page.
@doug - Very true - Guess I’m really going to love the items I ordered :wink:


Hi @D_Cubed

Keep in mind this is a small startup business that we have given life to and they are working their butts off to succeed and get things done. I for one am most impressed by their attitude and determination. So I do not expect immediate turnarounds like a big business can do. As Snapmaker grows, get more support resources onboard, then we will see quicker responses.

So enjoy watching them grow and know that we are part of that.

Take care, have a great week and keep having fun.



Received my 1.6W laser module yesterday. Took 2 days after the ship notice. About normal coming from California. Haven’t had time yet to play.

Perhaps we need to have a contest for the most creative use of the old 200mW laser modules??? :joy:


@doug I hear you. I am having fun printing all kinds of stuff. I haven’t tried the calibration routines I’ve seen yet but am quite impressed ‘out of the box’. Like any new business they are gaining experience and improving and I wish them the best. I’m just excited for the upgrade.

@Tone - Congrats. When you get it set up let us know what you’re doing. There is a lot of creativity in this Snapmaker community and it’s nice to see what folks have done.

Be safe and have fun


Hi Tony

Thinking outside the dots… imagine the 200mw laser mounted on something like this

Have a great day



Does Snapmaker send out an email confirmation when they ship the 1.6W laser module? I ordered the same day the coupon came out and I haven’t heard anything yet.


Received confirmation of the order the day it was ordered.
Received a shipping notice the day it shipped from the California warehouse.


FYI I noticed the following on the page for the 1.6W laser:

“Below are the delivery schedule:
The first 50 orders will be shipped in 3 business days.
Orders 51 to 350 will be shipped on July 10.
Orders 351 to 950 will be shipped on July 17.”

I presume a number of us who have placed orders are in the July 17 group, so I would look for a shipping message around then.


Hi, All, Sorry for delay response. It’s just to much stuff for me to handle simultaneously.

@Slop This is expected behavior. We develop our ecommerce base on a open source project. Call ReactionEcommerce. I have make some customization but not including this tax behavior. This is the default behavior. Which the tax is calculated by subTotal which don’t take discount into account.

@TheBum hank you for reporting this issue.

  1. Don’t worry about the pending authorization generated by your first failed attempt. We won’t captured it.
  2. We got many hits in the first few days. so it might be slow for this reason.

@BobBacus . @doug @D_Cubed
Thank you for reporting this issue. It’s known issue. I have added it into backlog.
Don’t worrry about your order status. If you use login account to place the order. You can find your order in Profile. And the order confirmation email itself is a receipt. If you receive your email. The order is secure.


Hi @whimsycwd

No apologies ever needed with me, I know as a startup business you will be busy all the time… remember to take a break every now and then and have some fun.

Have a great day and week



Apart from the store occasionally not connecting properly with a 504 error, I’d say it’s a much more viable option now. One of my main reasons for not wanting to order from the site was the fact that it just cost so much for shipping. Now that shipping is more local it is much better!

Thanks for your guys’s continued hard work to make the Snapmaker amazing!



I have upgraded the deployment.

  1. Use more high-performance server.
  2. Load balancing: Add two more server to improve the throughput.

i.e. The store is more stable. 5xx error is reduced.



David this is really awesome!

Keep up the amazing work :smiley: The improvements are really noticeable! :slight_smile:



Dear Snapmaker (@Rainie)

Would it be possible to add the standard modules onto your store? I would like to buy an additional 3D Printing module / head. Mine is working 100% but I would like to have the option to swap this one out with another 3D Printing module. One I can use for PLA and one that I can use for PETG.

I recently printed with PETG and the printing went wonderful. However, after going back to PLA, the nozzle got clogged for a while and I had to increase the temperature for a long while to ensure PLA got through easily.



Hi @Waldo

Why don’t you just swap the hotend?
It would be much cheaper…