STORE feedback here


Hi @whimsycwd

i too just signed in using the latest Firefox on a Windows 10 platform.

I added a few items to the shopping cart and the went to checkout, I stopped at entering any credit card details.

Do you have any dummy credit card details for testing? You can then see transactions coming through.



Safari & Firefox now work properly in the store on my Mac.
Great work David.


So here’s some feedback of a slightly different nature for the store.

When can we expect to see some upgrade kits?
I’m talking about upgrading my regular SnapMaker to a CNC heavy duty version?

I realize that you likely want to get the KickStarter campaign fulfilled first as well as other pending orders. Have you decided what the next flavors of SnapMakers you are going to come out with first?

Perhaps the store could have a “Coming Soon” section to preview what’s next.

How about longer actuators? I might just want to design my own version of the heavy duty machine. Rather than dual base actuators I might like to have a single actuator with two heavy duty slide rails on each side. The actuator wouldn’t have to bear any load other than driving the base.

Can the current controller support longer actuators without modification or firmware updates?

Could the longer upgrade kits just include the longer shell extrusion and lead screw and then we could swap out the rest?

Are you going to offer the basic SnapMaker with just the modules that people want?

How about adding printed circuit board material to the list?


Are there plans to set up a warehouse in the US? Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive in the store now. I realize that SN Inc. is still ramping up the business, but it’s definitely something to consider once the smoke clears.


Yes, My colleague already have been working on EU & US warehouse. Although it might take a while. Stay tuned.


Hi, @Tone

I prefer a dedicated landing page, because we can deliver more information in that way.

We have some longer prototype actuators, It’s not ready for production yet.

As far as I know, current controller can support longer actuators with firmware updates,( we need to do small modification).

Do you mean that you want to reuse motor? I am not sure I follow your idea. That will be too complex for most of our users. I don’t think we will provide parts in such small granularity. But we can discuss about it.

Yes, in near future.



Thanks fro the great response to @Tone

I realise you will evolve and bring out a larger unit and that is great. Can you forecast what build volume you are aiming for on the larger unit?



Hi David (@whimsycwd),
Thanks for your reply.

I wasn’t suggesting the “Coming Soon” section to be the landing page or even part of the landing page, it would just be a separate tab. It would of course provide “more” information. :wink:

Yes, you’ve got my idea just right. True it would be for the more adventurous customers. You wouldn’t want that to be the only option but it definitely would save some money for those who want to swap out the parts themselves. You wouldn’t have to provide any warranty in those cases. You could always conduct a survey to see if there is enough interest to warrant that option.

That aside, do you plan to offer individual actuators of different lengths?


HI David

In the checkout page, provide an option to Continue Shopping and go back to the Store. Someone may be in the process of buying what is in he checkout and realise they forgot something to buy.



You can do that simply by clicking on the “Snapmaker ! Store” label in the top line.
It is kind of hidden.



From the information I get, We will offer actuator in different lengths. But haven’t get exact schedule. it won’t take too long since we will fulfill KS backer soon.

@doug Yes, we need to show cart item before checkout. It’s on my requirement backlog. ^_^. Right now, ** I am working on Coupon feature. ** It will be implemented.


Are you guys going to looking at shipping costs. I was interested in buying some new bed stickers which are $9.99 but the shipping to California is $15. That seems really pricey for a couple stickers that way almost nothing.


See my question about a US warehouse and the answer above. That’s our best bet for reducing shipping costs.


Hi @xrave
We are aware of shipping cost issue. Currently, we ship it from China. Gonna improve that. If you buy a filament(or something heavier) the sticker won’t make the shipping cost increase. FYI. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @whimsycwd @rainie

When will the Store be operational?



It’s operational now isn’t it? The discount coupons aren’t working yet but I believe you can order stuff that is there.


Hi @Tone

Did I miss an official statement that the store was operational? There are items I would like to purchase, however I shall wait for the discount coupons to be issued.

Take care and keep having fun. I printed a whole bunch of bespoke parts for my RoboChair and now returning to other development work. A couple of days ago I took delivery of a new Slamware mini robot see SDP Mini


I hope to test all of its functions and capabilities and if it works the way I believe it will, I will then dissect it and integrate its circuits into my RoboChair

I am definitely not bored.



I’m struggling with the Chinese. Do you have English information regarding the SDP Mini?


yes, they are making great strides in translating their text. You will a find a number on

The SDK contains a number of them also.



@doug the store is still in beta but it is operational. I remember @Rainie mention that it was for people who need to get spare parts like thermistor or new hot end for their printer. However the new laser module won’t ship until June. I’ll wait for another month before ordering that laser module.