Still issue with enclosure door feature

Hi all,
I’ve read the new post explaining how to enable/disable the feature and I can confirm that it works form me using Snapmakerjs but I wasn’t able to do the same with Luban.

Anyway… I’m using my Snapmaker Original inside the enclosure but with the door cable disconnected and feature disabled using Snapmakerjs becuase I had some problems and I think I can live also without this feature.

Today I just re-try and here there is my scenario:

  • enclosure door cable disconnected from my Orignal
  • door feature disabled
  • connect the USB drive with a gcode file inside
  • power on the Snapmaker Original
  • start the print using the display
  • while waiting the temperatures I just connect the enclosure door cable to the controller
  • after reaching the temperature the print starts but after the first layer it goes to the border line of the bed and continue to print in the wrong position causing also bad noise…
  • stop and power off the machine
  • disconnect the enclosure door cable from the controller
  • restart the same print and everything works fine

@Bullone, I had a similar issue with the enclosure door. All would work great until I opened the enclosure, then the print head would move to the far right side and continue trying to print while making awful noises. All issues resolved once I unplugged enclosure from machine.

I was not able to view the FYI link you posted, the file appears to be gone.

Now the snapmaker Luban is compatible with Snapmakerjs. You can use snapmaker Luban to hav e a try. When you use the enclosure, did you go to turn on the door detection on snapmaker Luban?

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Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a try when I get some time.

You’re welcome. If the issue is solved, please kindly share your solutions. If you still need further help, please let me know.

Easy solution, unscrew the door end that contains the magnets from the panels. leave the panels open and place the unscrewed door end on the door frame where it would sit when the door is closed. the magnets will hold the door end in place without any extra effort.

You only need to remove 3x small screws that hold the door end to the door panel. It really is that simple.