Trouble printing with enclosure v1.1

Yesterday I received the new enclosure i bought. It comes with door control switches. The manual said the cable has to be plugged in port 4 on the controlller…pretty straightforward. I also upgraded the firmware to 2.11.
However when I try to print the printhead moves out in the far left quadrant of the bed and tries to start the print there instead of the center of the board. It also tries to move outside the printable area, which makes hoorible sounds. All in all the printer behaves erratically and printing is not possible.
If I unplug the cable fron the controller, everything is fine.
Am I missing something …is this by design?

Have you got Snapmaker Original selected in Luban? The enclosure doesn’t have any effect on 3D printing, the door closure switch is intended to switch off the power to the laser.

Does it try to actually start printing there or does it sit and wait for a while?
It’s supposed to park there and come up to temp and then extrude some filament before it wipes it off on the corner as it moves to the center to print.
Double check all your cables for the linear modules are connected properly to the right ports. Also make sure that you’ve set Luban to whichever model SM you have. This post is in the original SM category, but this sounds like an SM2 problem.

Luban is up to date and snapmaker original is selected. I have been printing with that thing for over a year…cables are all properly plugged.
It homes in, heats up all nice, cleans out the hotend and then when the printing starts, it goes as described. The same print with the cable unplugged runs error free. I just dont know whats up with that. Perhaps the cable is faulty