Snapmaker Original not responding


my Snapmaker Original is not responding when trying to process laser engraving data from laptop or from file from USB. I am able to control the Laser head with X Y Z steps and able to turn on and OFF the laser. Software used is 4.1.4. After file is loaded and started, the laser head is not moving and it sounds like something is binding or is trying to move in very small steps. Yesterday I was able to print a file but today no such luck. Is there a way to reset the printer to the default setting?
Also I have noticed that on the Touch-pad screen , the laser percentage specified in the file is not reported correctly.
Also where I can download the Controller and Module Firmware updates available in the Luban Help menu?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Not sure about the Snapmaker Original but on the A350 you update the touchpad via its settings menu. Pretty sure the same applies for the modules.

Hi Anbro

I am a newbie here. Is the Touchpad considered the Module and the Controller is on the printer?
The Touchpad has no update option.


The touchpad is the controller screen you have on your printer, looks like a mobile phone.
This video is a guide to help you. How to Update the Firmware – Snapmaker

If you want to update the tool heads separately then this post explains all. Upgrade the Toolheads Separately with Snapmaker Firmware V1.12.0 - Official Articles - Snapmaker: where creation happens


thank you for the clarification. I have just upgraded to 4.2.2. It seems that the issue was in my Material custom setting. I have created a new material with the Create option and called it Rubber. Somehow when this material was selected , it was jamming the controller. I copied the settings from a different material and changed the values to match my previous settings and now I am printing again. Also can somebody tell me what the Green light/circle next to the laser notification mean? and what about the camera?


Unfortunately you can’t assume that the 2.0 and original function the same as they run off very different firmware. I would guess that the original updates via USB like the 2.0 used to have to (now it’s just another way to do it) but I wouldn’t be confident in that.

I believe that means that the laser is detected, but the camera is not. Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the original to be of more help, I wasn’t even aware that the original came with a camera.


the issue is the I only have the 200mW laser and not the 1.6W. Is the 1.6W laser come with a camera and therefor the Autofocus is possible?


If you are using the 200mW then I would think that it should show up as such rather than 1600mW. Again though, I am not very familiar with the original, I just came in to talk about the difference in updating between the original and 2.0, I can’t be much help otherwise.

There are several original users that are active on the forum though, hopefully they’ll pop in to help you.

The original uses a USB drive to update firmware. The latest version is pretty old though, GD32Base-2.11. You can find the latest at Downloads and Updates for Firmware . That seems to be the last location the original’s firmware is posted. Just unzip it, and follow the instructions in How to upgrade the firmware.txt. (Assuming you’re not already running GD32Base-2.11. Controller > Settings > About, first line will tell you which firmware you have.)

The original doesn’t need to update the tool heads. All the smarts are in the controller.

The original doesn’t have a camera on the laser. The focus process is manual. You’ll need the calibration paper. The back side of the paper has the laser focus point. I haven’t actually attempted that yet, but when I do, I’ll start with the laser manual that came with the snapmaker. And if that confuses me, I’ll head to youtube. The snapmaker support site used to have some videos posted. I don’t know if it still does; they’ve been reorganizing since 2.0 came out, and the original doesn’t get much love now.

My guess is when you created your Rubber material, you put in some very small movement numbers. For some reason the 3DP speeds are measured in mm/second, but the laser and CNC speeds are measured in mm/minute. It’s easy to set a movement speed that’s 1/60th of what it should be. Which would look a lot like it’s not moving at all.

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Hi Clewis

thank you for your answer

Zip your models and snapmaker project (under 4mb total zip size i think) and include in post, your more likely to get recreation of your problem as it includes material and machine settings in the project.

If you have problem’s then use a text editor to ope the gcode / cnc / laser file generated by luban, and you can enter each line into Luban workspace with the machine connected to the pc. You can also enter your own commands or use the jog/move buttons in luban workspace and view the sent command in the terminal. For example try
G1 X10 Y10 F50
It’ll be very slow. F is feedrate.
As far as I know the machine will attempt to get up to the required feedrate but limited by motor/rail maximum, so as long as you’re just testing you can go crazy high like F3000.
The newer lubans have been hit and miss regarding bugs, so maybe worth trying 4.2.2 or keeping an eye on the github releases page.

Once you do get the correct focal height, get/make/print a small cylinder/box of that height to offset from other different height materials