Have 3d module connected, It thinks I have the laser/on

My snap maker original is not recognizing the 3d printer module. The opening screen has buttons for files (files aren’t showing up and I’ve done the troubleshooting), pause, stop, and calibration. When I click on calibration, it shows three buttons (job, set origin, and laser/cnc of/on).

Did you turn the machine off while changing?

Hi Galduron,

Yes I did. I’ve had this for a few years now and did everything the same as always (textbook). It seems like it need the operating system rebooted. Reinstalling the updated firmware did nothing.

Maybe check the function of the other toolheads first to troubleshoot where the problem lies. If it only happens to your 3dp toolhead, I’m afraid it may need to be changed. If other toolheads fail too, then the controller is the culprit.

I’ve never used the other modules but I’ll give that a shot. Good thinking!