Snapmaker J1 Print bed holder broken

Hi, everyone,

Yesterday I unpacked the J1 and a part fell out on me.
At first I couldn’t allocate the defective component, but during a print I notice that the print is slightly different at the back.
Then I wanted to adjust the bed again and realized that the middle rear part was defective or missing.
Now I don’t have a secure print bed to print cleanly.

Let’s see if it works, but I just created a spare part via Fusion360.
Hope it fits.

Snapmaker J1 Mittelteil DruckplatteV1.stl (70.2 KB)

@Riskey Riskey

I’m new here, but I would have expected that you would get an answer here if you post something.
It would be nice if support could get back to you, I tried it via email.
My previous printers are from Creality and Qidi, the support is quite fast, especially Qidi.

Attached is a corrected STL from the part I uploaded above.

Snapmaker J1 Mittelteil DruckplatteV1.stl (71.2 KB)


Hi i3sven, our support response will be slower than usual during this period due to COVID-19 and Christmas sales. Could you please provide the email you use to contact our support? The email title will also do. We’ll get in touch with you and send you a spare part asap.


E-mail subject:
Snapmaker J1, ein Meisterstück

And Nr.2
AW: [Request received]
request (129033)