This device is really beta…

I am a totally frustrated.
Got a J1 at the end of February and until now I always had issues with printing.
Today I tried to print in copy mode with PLA.
After approx. 10 minutes the print stopped with clogged warning. Unable to do anything but cancelling the job and throwing the already printed PLA away :angry:
Then I heated up the two extrudes and tapped on load… everything is fine, no clogging at all.

I think I never managed to get a perfect print out of this device. The most annoying thing is, that you cannot let the printer print without sitting next to it and waiting for the next error, I don’t like to print anymore with it.

The complete opposite is my bambulabs x1c. Just fire and forget.

If there is a user from Germany (near to Hamburg) who wants to buy my j1, just send me a pm.

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Hm, if I would not own one already, I would have bought yours right on the spot, but I just need one printer at a time :slight_smile:

Don’t give up. Apply silicone grease to the heatbreak and modify the filament supply can solve most problems.

I changed the filament supply yesterday to that design which is shown on your screenshots.
At least I did not have false errors anymore, but one spool which was relatively empty,slipped from the bearings to the front because of missing weight.I was in backup mode and the print finished with the second extruder.
But again, you can see the moment it happend in the print, bad Quality just on this layer. I have to think about putting some weight in the middle of the spools or something else to hold them on the bearings when the are near to empty.
Can you show me a screenshot where and how to put grease on? Have you got a recommendation which grease?
Thank you very much for your assistance, I had a bad printing day yesterday and was so annoyed…. Hope this will get better.

use this design, spool will not slip

Constant extruder skips/clog warnings - Snapmaker J1 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

look at the pictures from this post, remove the washer on the filament detector, and apply silicone grease to the heatbreak. I am using the silicone grease for CPU cooling.

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Well, removing the washer is optional.

Remember, there are two clog positions in the extruder. if temp too low, the nozzle will clog. if temp too high, the heatbreak will clog. DO NOT set temp too high. if heatbreak is clogged, it is very difficult to unclog. I am now using 215℃ for PETG printing.

use lokbuild plate

may your settings or offset is wrong. mine work fine.
may you tell me your settings and z offset.
hope u get fixed it
u slice with Luban or Cura

if use custom plate, how to adjust the z offset? I cant find the settings on the screen.

At this moment you only can see the option if a print is started.
Press then adjust on the screen and on the left side you have options to set until print is running. There u can set the z offset.

I change it at this way, and I remove the cross clamps on the back. It’s way better too

I think I have no adhesion issues but filament feeding/melting issues…
Sure, I can completely disassemble the extrudes and change whole parts, put grease on and so on, but honestly I had the expectation that this would not be necessary on a device in this price class.

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i feel with you in this case, may Contact the support and they can send you New Extruders.
Can not be true to sale a Printer with issues like this. The Toy Fans for Part Cooling are Funny to, way to small and very cheap quality, no much airflow for this temp and speed, i put 5015 on it. now is way better. i can not understand why they use cheap parts like this. we pay much money for the printer so its ok to pay 20 more and get good part coolers. If i had that issues with extruders too, i would Returned too.
Next days i test PETG and others hope i get it printed. lol
I dont have this Problem that u have but some others.
some cheaper Printers need less work from out of the Box.
I know its new model but, did finish it first, fest it more and then bring it to customers.
i like the Machine but i see there are much differences and some stuff missed on software, firmware and hardware, hope they upgrade that soon

Hope they get the things done

I fear contacting the support will be useless for solving problems that are by design. I have to think about what to do now, trying to get a refund or selling it on ebay maybe…

Well, for me the J1 plays in the league of a Raise3D E2 - and look at the price tag of that one.

Or, in other words: for an IDEX printer of such a build quality, the J1 is a f***ing bargain. This means for me that some optimisation before you can print is perfectly okay and should be expected.

A Bambulab (which some here seem to use as a comparison) for example is something entirely different, That thing may be fast, but apart from that and from some goodies it is nothing but the same simple single extruder printer as any Ender or Anycubic for 200-ish Euros. Hence, to make its price tag reasonable, it better be “plug and play”.

I agree, but i also consider that the clog problem must be solved by snapmaker officially, as extruding smoothly is a very essential function for a printer

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I’m not with you here.

We paid over $1,000 for this thing. It should work, I shouldn’t be a beta tester. And if I am, I should be compensated with the fixes when they are available.

I get that I bought this on Kickstarter, so that’s why I’m not raging on support or here in the forums, but there’s enough other people that actually bought this thinking it was a plug-and-play machine that it’s a problem.

I am experiencing the same frustrations as you, i have had no, NO! clean prints of the J1.

We have had with both Hardware, Accessories and Software / firm ware. Not to mention disrespectful replies when you bring it to Snapmakers support staff attention. (we have 5 3D printers) and this sorry to say is the worst of the lot. (I suspect QA /QC has become a casualty of the “quick buck syndrome” so many second generation products fall foul to.

I will never buy a new Snapmaker product again (We have a full house Snapmaker 2 which is the exact opposite to the experience with the J1)

Ditto!!! I could not agree more (Bambu Lab seems to be a much better value proposition)

Ditto!!! I could not agree more (Bambu Lab seems to be a much better value proposition)