Snapmaker Original parts needed

Hi all
I have a Snapmaker Original and have had great success with both laser engraving and 3D printing. I had a several replacement parts and have just used the last of them today.
I have been searching for the last couple of hours trying to find where to purchase the bits I need but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can buy the parts from. I’m in New Zealand. Parts needed: Hotend, Thermistor, Hot bed mat, Cable from controller to toolhead. Thanks in advance.

Email to and ask about ordering this parts.

Emailing support appears to be the only way of ordering spares. Most annoying, and it wastes time and effort. Snapmaker needs to put this online. It is not that hard to do nowadays.

Hi again
I emailed and received an email from Lilly telling me I could order from her. I made the order and paid the $75USD and the next day I received an email telling me the cables and the adhesive sheet for the heated bed were no longer being produced. Not worried about the cable (I’ve made my own). Does anyone know what the sheet material is? so I can make one. Snapmaker Orignal.

I vaguely recall some discussion about the bed sticker material in the forums. It’s getting hard to find posts about the Original now though.

But you really don’t need the snapmaker sticker; any sticker should work. Somebody recommended for a 2.0. It’s oversized, so just cut the excess off. Or go even larger, and can get multiple stickers from a single sheet.

Thanks Craig.