Snapmaker Academy: Fusion 360 CAD & CAM Tutorial for CNC Beginners

New to Fusion 360 and cnc milling? Come and check this Fusion 360 CAD and CAM video tutorial that is super friendly for CNC beginners. In episode 2 of Snapmaker Academy, we’ll show you how to create a 3d model, set up the manufacturing process, and carve it out with Snapmaker, from start to finish. Guess it would be a great opportunity to explore the world of model designing and CNC stuff. :grin:


Very nice. I use Fusion360 for printing but have been using turboCAD to creat svg files for lasering and CNCing. Gonna give this a go.


How beginner is this? I have already done a little with Fusion 360 so I’m not sure if it will apply to me.

Just watch it and you will get to see the basic workflow for the Snapmaker using fusion 360.

Excellent tutorial! got me up’n’running in no time.

Where do you get the Fusion 360 configuration file mentioned in the video?

Look here:

Webpage that you linked is currently blank with only the little help pop-up in the corner.

Just visited the site and for me it’s working.

Okay, so the webpages are back. Now does anyone have a machine definition file for the A350 for Fusion 360?

Is everyone buying Fusion 360? Don’t really want to pay $500/yr to play around with CNC stuff…

Hi guys. Thanks for the great video. Just wondering if its possible to add the snapmaker tool fusions into the free version of fusion 360? I have downloaded that and can’t see where I could add something to a tool library. Maybe its only possible in the commercial version?

Fusion is free for personal use:

As long as you’re not doing anything commercial with it you can use it without paying anything.

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Thanks brvdboss. I saw that and have downloaded it but can’t see anywhere to add the snapmaker tools as shown in the video into Fusion360. At least not in the version for personal use?

Did you select the “manufacture” option? (the big button on the top left).
Then the button appears where you can manage the tool library etc.

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@brvdboss I haven’t started doing CAM in fusion yet, are the new license changes in fusion going to have a sincere impact on us using fusion360 for the snapmaker?

I’m not sure yet. At first sight it doesn’t seem affected. I didn’t get the e-mail myself yet, nor a message in fusion, but based on the mail I don’t see an immediate blocking problem yet.

As I’m still waiting for my snapmaker to arrive I haven’t been able to actually test the full workflow. I only started playing with Fusion to prepare myself by the time my device arrives. Maybe someone who is actually using it already can confirm.

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Hi -

I’ve just come across this Reddit thread on the Fusion 360 license changes that are coming on the first of October.

How is this going to affect Snapmaker (particularly milling) since this is currently your recommended program?

As mentioned before in the forum:
Probably not. At least not for 3-axis cnc which is currently available. If the rotary extension ever comes available it might as I think that might be considered 4 axis milling. (which is no longer included)

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