Fusion 360, luban, dxf files won't load properly

Hi guys, I have yet to receive my snap maker, I’m a CNC Machinist by trade so none of this is new to me.

I’m using fusion 360 to make my drawings ect. I’m using dxf as my export file type. For some reason when I import the dxf file into luban it suddenly puts lines where lines shouldn’t be and deletes other lines.

The dxf files open properly on other programs.

Ps is there anything besides luban that can be used to generate the g code for this machine. I am fimilar with post processor files as well so changing some values to output code properly is no issue for me.

I run mastercam… Idk what the heck is happening here. The files open fine in other software. But not luban.

Luban can´t create a gcode for the cnc tool. Haven´t used the cnc yet.

Have a look at this:

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thank you thank you i was under the assumption we had to use the luban software in specific. im new to fusion and im not certain what it all does. thank you


It does everything :star_struck:
(At least inside the cnc workflow from modeling to creating g-code)