CNC workflow tutorials

Hi All

I’ve been looking, with out success, around the forum for a post that teaches basic cnc work from the design to finish stages.

I have very limited knowlege of this topic and would like to learn. In a previous life I used SolidWorks to succesfully create a model in which an indistrial machine drilled holes but I wat to create and produce 3D work.

At the moment I have installed versions of Solidedge and Freecad but fin the whole process confusing so what do I do?
As far as software goes I would pay a small amonut for an all in one package to prodce the finsal file ready for my SM2 A350.
I’m open to the idea of standalone software for the drawing and other processes needed, even if they need compiled from code.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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This video using Fusion 360 and the Snap Maker may be helpful for you. Fusion 360 CAD & CAM Tutorial for CNC Beginners [Snapmaker Academy] - YouTube

What are you trying to do?
There is a big difference between creating a 3d relief vs. a sign vs. a functional part vs…
There are a number of threads on here pertaining to different processes and needs.
There are also quite a few different choices for 3rd party software depending upon what you’re trying to do.


Thanks for the replies.

I’lll follow the video when I get a bit more time

I was thinking along the lines of making a sign for a door with and extruded name on a flat peice of wood or the text extruded but within a pocket.

I have the personal version of Fusion360 installed now so will be able to do more complex stuff eventually.
I’ve tried Freecad which i thought was too complex, Easal was easy but couldn’d produce the pocketed extruded text.


For that, start with this thread:

Also, Easel by Inventables works really well for doing signs. It has a really good preview mode to show you what it will look like. Unfortunately they’ve removed some things from the free version - multiple passes and custom bit shapes/sizes. But occasionally it’s worth the $20 for a month when I’m doing some specific projects. I think you can get a free trial month. (Have to do a couple things to get g-code to work with SM, but nothing difficult. Ask (or search) if you want to try that.)

EDIT: Just saw you mentioned Easel. It can do extruded. Just have to invert your artwork.

OK I’m fairly sure about the process following the Fusion360 video mentioned earlier.

Do I have to install a machine for Fusion360 to create the correct Gcode file for the Snapmaker? None seem to be loaded by default.
Or which do I accept anyof the preloaded ones?
I came across a post processor but cant see a way to include it, again is it needed?

Sorry to be persistant.

You have to load the post-processor and select it when posting. There’s some links and details in section 3 of the guide here: Fusion 360 Guide For Multi-Pass 3D Engrave

Thanks for the replies. I managed to cut a pocket with raised letters from the base of the pocket.
It wasn’t as hard as I expected.

I just need something useful to make now.