Snapmaker 2.0 improvements

Hello everybody,
I would like to start this thread to collect some ideas on how to improve the 2.0 version. I just received mine about a week ago and after some playing with the unit, I found areas for improvement.

1: I like the little screen that has some cool features and internal memory too. I noticed that the screen sometimes takes long time to pause or cancel the active job and when connected to a PC during active job, it basically shows that you’re connected and when you try to disconnect, it says that active job (print in my case) will also be cancelled if I disconnect from my PC. That is a bug, because the print is stored locally and doesn’t need the PC to proceed.

Additional screen features suggestion
I would like to see something like LG IQ has. A mobile app, where you can easily see the same thing as on the screen and operate the unit remotely. It would be nice to get a notification once the job is finished. The unit could also have an option to play a sound (maybe few tones to choose from :slight_smile: )

I will ignore the fact that the unit is pretty loud, which is ok with me, but you can’t really print in the same room where you watch TV for example.

Many members complain about the heated bed taking too long to warm up. The prints I do take many hours and those 5 minutes won’t really change much.
I would like to point out that the Luban software should warn users about not having support set before printing. I had to do a bit of research to figure out how to do this and it would be a good feature to avoid failed prints.

Cable management
The unit has such a great design, but I was surprised to have all those cables just hanging there or being pushed under the frame. This could be done better for sure. I would also add more visible markings on the main unit to distinguish the cable sockets easier. Maybe little LED lights with proper identification.

Luban Software

It is still buggy, but it works eventually. As mentioned above, it would be great to have this done similarly like LG IQ, where the units are linked via online account. That constant authentication request is bit annoying and technically you shouldn’t have to do it once you authorise the device. It would be good to have an option to create and manage a print queue from the PC or mobile phone for example. Have an option to save a history log of the prints and repeat them from the log file.

Another good feature would be to have folders in the file system of the unit and let’s say that I’ll start printing the first file in the folder with specific settings - quality and ratio etc. Then there would be an option to print all files with that exact setting and save it in the print queue. The queue would show the times of the prints and have option to move the jobs up or down. If I took it bit too far, I’d like to see the planned finish day and time of the print (given that I’d remove the print and set the bed for new job within reasonable window) This could be really handy to plan jobs more efficiently and have them finish when I’m up and not at 3am for example.

I will be adding more suggestions as I go and hopefully there will be some feedback and contributions from other members.




Recognize that the computer and the printer may not be in the same location. If I am connected via WIFI I still should be able to make adjustments from the pad without having to disconnect.
I should be able to pause a print and unload/load filament from the pad. I should be able to look at the current settings from the pad or luban.
I am not sure what the motivation was to require a touchscreen authorization to connect, but it is getting very old. maybe setup a machine password to connect if it is a security issue. I should be able to get the current status of a printer without having to connect to it.

Improvements on Tool changes - the heated bed ist assembled by 22screws to the base plate the laser diffuser by 14screws. Thats seems for me a bit too much just to make a little laser work from time to time. Why not use the magnetic attachment of the print bed to fixture the laser diffuser just on top ? no screws needed, as the laser should never touch the bed physically. Thats perhaps a different story for the CNC Mill. Has anyone tried that by stick the diffuser profiles to a spare print sheet ? Something what speaks against it and I overlook ?


The second one is my own design (still finalizing) but has been working really well so far.

Hello all, Thank you for setup this item. I have joined the user of A350 in last Dec.
My requests after network bug fixed are

  1. I want to use “fixed IP-Address” setting for A350 rather than “dynamic IP-Address (DHCP)”
  2. To show the A350’s IP-Address on the top page of the touchscreen display.
    It makes easier to find it in the network. Currently it’s on the deeper screen.
  3. To show the current number of layer and total number of layers on the top page of the touchscreen display.

BTW, at least I find you only need to authorize the first time the snapmaker is turned on. Disconnecting and reconnecting afterwards doesn’t require it until it’s been power cycled.


  1. Don’t req screws to change toolhead. Especially with enclosure. Is a pain to get around the back. Some kind of cam’d release would be sweet.
  2. Sensors and automation to determine material thickness.
  3. Fast way to get to a position near the open side of enclosure and half-way down when I am changing toolheads. Maybe ability to save positions and retrieve on touchscreen, desktop…or app :).
  4. Minimally, be able to use wi-fi to get logs…but I would prefer to not have to deal with them, so a better alerting and actions to fix problems.
  5. Being able to get feedback on state of machine via wi-fi. Including error handling. Would have liked alerts like I get for my Shark robot vacuum. Hot end overheating, hot end is gummed up, material runout.
  6. A SM app - someone mentioned it above but would be great to watch and control from phone (iOS for me) - runout, overheating. Will be great when SM camera is released.
  7. Camera on all toolheads (or the via the new one being released soon) w- smarts to see issues - like for collisions, adhesion problems, webbing, other failures. The camera should look at model vs what is getting laser’d, CNC’d, 3DP’d and to determine if things are different by some amount, if so alert user.
  8. Luban to help keep record of settings for different materials and circumstances and have a networked way to Save and Load libraries of materials and the settings that others have found to give best results. Understand it is up to me to determine if my cardboard is same as someone else’s but pics of the materials can help with that. Minimally, letting me save for myself.
    Nice To Have
  9. Octo-print integration or ability to side-load abilities into the touchscreen.
  10. Ability to tie enclosure lighting to whether it is open.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I will forward these advices to our product manager.