Firmware request

Is it possible to add preset amounts for numbers on the touchscreen. For extruder and bed temp. And fan speed And work speed. Or even a keypad where we can enter our own. The slider is quite annoying

i agree the slider is a little difficult to use for a precise input.

I would like to see LED controls on the menu and also during a print. I have my printer in my room so i use ’ M355 S0 ’ in my start Gcode but i would rather be able to see my print clearly and then turn off the LED light when im going to go to sleep.

M300 support would be nice but i’m not sure if the printer has a speaker.

I could probably make those sorts of changes myself if the firmware was open source or if the Config files could be released.

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I entirely agree with you!

Could we also eliminate having to click “Got it” on the display EVERY TIME we change filament? Yes I fully realize that the extruder will move. One time acknowledging that dialog would be enough.


Another firmware thing id like to see is for the settings i change mid print to stay where i set them. I realized the fan speed was too high for my PETG so i just went through the menu to change it and it went right back at the next layer. speed settings and heated bed settings work just fine but the hotend temp and fan speed keep resetting after every layer.

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I can only agree with the previous speaker.
There is an urgent need for action to ensure that settings made during printing remain.

I agree about the number pad.

Here is another suggestion…
Layer count or Z axes travel. I have enjoyed this feature in other printers. Often percentage complete is not accurate. Displaying layer count, or height / Z axes travel can be very informative to the user.



it would also be really nice if the printer could recognize when a print is being started via a program like PronterFace. I use it all the time instead of moving the USB drive back and forth all the time but it would be nice if i could change the z offset during a print from pronterface.

The UI for printing does not come up during prints started through USB

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Pronterface send the file gcode for gcode to the printer? In that case the printer UI is circumvented completely, and Snapmaker could not do anything about that even if they tried.

yes but my creality printers were able to handle changes made mid print. it would be cool if snapmaker could do it like creality did

Only make me click “Got it” once instead of every time I click load or unload. Seriously annoying. I already know the extruder will move…

a changelog on the firmware would be cool too. theres a new one out but i dont know what they changed


Local update

Note: v2.4.8 focuses on bug fixes based on v2.4.7 •Added German language support

• Support for controlling the machine lighting in the touch screen. • Added “Homing Stall Detection” option in the touch screen

• Extruders cool down automatically after a specified waiting period when printing is paused. • Support for the “M600” pause command G-code in the firmware


• Optimized machine homing logic for more accurate positioning

• Improved hard copy mode to prevent filament run out on startup

Run fixes

Supports “M600” pause command G-code in firmware

Local update


• Optimized machine homing logic for more accurate positioning. • Improved hard copy mode to prevent filament run out on startup


Fixed bug where G-code command “M600” caused firmware to halt repeatedly. Fixed bug where power failure recovery would fail if an extruder was stopped

Fixed a bug where resuming firmware printing failed in some scenarios



Lokales Update

Hinweis: v2.4.8 konzentriert sich auf Fehlerkorrekturen basierend auf v2.4.7 •Unterstützung für die deutsche Sprache hinzugefügt

• Unterstützung der Steuerung der Maschinenbeleuchtung im Touchscreen. • Hinzufügen der Option „Homing Stall Detection“ im Touchscreen

• Extruder kühlen nach einer bestimmten Wartezeit automatisch ab, wenn der Druck angehalten wurde. • Unterstützung des „M600“-Pausenbefehls G-Code in der Firmware


• Optimierte Maschinen-Homing-Logik für eine genauere Positionierung

• Verbesserter Druckkopiermodus, um zu verhindern, dass Filament beim Start ausläuft

Führen Sie Fixes aus

Unterstützt “M600” Pausenbefehl G-Code in der Firmware

Lokales Update


• Optimierte Maschinen-Homing-Logik für eine genauere Positionierung. • Verbesserter Druckkopiermodus, um zu verhindern, dass Filament beim Start ausläuft


Fehler behoben, bei dem der G-Code-Befehl „M600“ dazu führte, dass die Firmware wiederholt angehalten wurde. Fehler behoben, bei dem die Wiederherstellung nach Stromausfall fehlschlug, wenn ein Extruder gestoppt wurde

Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, bei dem die Wiederaufnahme des Firmware-Drucks in einigen Szenarien fehlschlug

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Hooray, german language! Thanks Snapmaker!

Now add

  • a “never show this message again” switch to each warning message,
  • some user-defineable temperature preset buttons as suggested above,
  • manual setting of nozzle size as Jade showed a while ago (unless that is implemented by now?)
  • manual correction of the xy autoleveling,
  • z moves down to z=0 instead of z=5 to easily allow manual z level fine tuning with the bed knobs and the card you supply with the printer,
  • a possibility to manually enter the glass bed thickness which then allows us using our own buildplates and
  • a simple command line to enter Gcode commands into the printer via Touchscreen and read the response from Marlin as the Duet board features (which then should allow changing Marlin firmware settings permanently for more sophisticated user interaction)

and then I am happy :wink:

In case anyone wonders why I do not chime in when it comes to remembering temperature: I did not find a case yet when this happens that is not caused by the gcode of the file to be printed, and IMO that one always needs to override manual settings. Otherwise you would need some really complex logic to cover all cases when or if the print file should be followed or not. Have fun programming such a thing…


is anyone else having tool change issues with the new firmware?

T0 stays where it was while T1 moves right up against it and then they both move back and forth on the y axis.

YES to all the avove!

Received my J1 2 days ago and I love the build quality of it. If Snapmaker would add those features it would be an even more impressive machine.

Or finally RELEASE THE FIRMWARE! As promised on Kickstarter and required by Marlin. What’s stopping you? What?

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I would have preferred to leave the update. Since then, nothing has worked on my J1. It’s stuck in an endless loop where it wants to install the update again and again. Once it has done that and I want to click on something, it tells me that the app has been stopped. If I confirm this, it starts the update again from the beginning.

I haven’t received an answer from support for days, although I have written to them several times.

Unfortunately, I have also noticed a few things with the device that cannot be left as they are

  • bad feeding of the filament, it is a bit better if the filament is not fed through the tubes.
  • When the print heads are moved quickly, the carriage rattles.

I am really disappointed with a device in this price range.

Ich hätte das Update lieber gelassen. Seither geht bei meinem J1 garnichts mehr. Hängt in einer Endlosschleife wo er immer wieder das Update einspielen möchte. Hat er das gemacht und ich möchte etwas anklicken, kommt die Meldung das die APP gestopt wurde. Bestätige ich dies, fängt er wieder von vorne an das Update einzuspielen.

Vom Support bekomme ich seit Tagen keine Antwort, obwohl ich schon mehrmals angeschrieben habe.

Leider habe ich auch beim Gerät einiges festgestellt, dass man so nicht lassen kann

  • schlechter Einzug vom Filament, es ist etwas besser, wenn das Filament nicht durch die Schläuche geführt wird.
  • wenn die Druckköpfe schnell bewegt werden, rattert der Schlitten

Bin wirklich enttäuscht bei einem Gerät dieser Preisklasse.

I got that rattle problem too

Bad feeling

I hope for your sake that support will get back to you soon.
Unfortunately, the response time from Snapmaker support is really bad.
I have already fixed both problems.
Please check the correct guidance of the bridge, in addition, check which bearings are installed, laterally the Y-bearings should be visible.
If they are green, they are the better ones, if they should be Schwaz, they are the old ones that also gave me trouble.
For the retraction difficulties, there is already also a solution, should that not be enough, comes soon a tutorial, or solution.


Ich hoffe für dich, dass der Support sich bald meldet.
Leider ist die Reaktionszeit vom Snapmaker Support echt übel.
Ich habe beide Probleme bereits behoben.
Bitte überprüfe die korrekte Führung der Brücke, zusätzlich, prüfe welche Lager verbaut sind, seitlich sollten die Y-Lager zu sehen sein.
Wenn sie Grün sind, sind es die besseren, sollten sie Schwaz sein, sind es die alten, die auch bei mir Ärger gemacht haben.
Für die Einzugsschwierigkeiten gibt es bereits auch eine Lösung, sollte das nicht reichen, kommt demnächst eine Anleitung, bzw. Lösung.

Thank you for the answer.
Do you also have a tip regarding the infinite loop?
Or a way to change the version J1_V2.4.7_20230224 in such a way that you can get it over V 2.4.8?

Danke für die Antwort.
Hast du auch einen Tip bezüglich der Endlosschleife?
Oder eine Möglichkeit die Version J1_V2.4.7_20230224 so zu verändern, dass man sie über die V 2.4.8 drüber bekommt?