Snapmaker 2.0 Electrical Specifications (Individual Parts - DC)

My initial question is related to the 24VDC power delivery capabilities of the Power Supply and individual power draw of the various parts and tool heads. Namely, I am wondering about the 24VDC exhaust fan on the Enclosure. I have seen others talk about swapping fans out and of course the fans in use in the SM2 are 24VDC which is much rarer than the standard 5V or more standard 12V “PC” fans available from reputable brands like Noctua. What is the power delivery capabilities of the Enclosure controller hub especially for the LEDs and Exhaust Fan? I would like to put a larger 24VDC fan that I have several of but I do not want to over-draw the enclosure hub. I also think that it would be great to have a chart to reference for the power draw of the various parts (Power supply, each tool-head, heated bed, linear actuators, LEDs, fans, USB ports, etc.) so that we can better understand what capabilities we have to work with when designing upgrades for the unit as it suits our individual needs. Thank you very much.