3D Printing module parts

Hey guys,
I need to change my nozzle fan and I found those dimensions that @Rainie posted

Here are the specs:

The fan next to the nozzle: 25 x 25 x 10 mm, 24 V;
The fan inside the 3D Printing Module next to the heat sink: 30 x 30 x 10 mm, 24 V.
The fan inside the controller: 25 x 25 x 10 mm, 24 V;

Here are the videos you can refer to when you replace the fans:

The fan next to the nozzle: https://youtu.be/0XZrcVr-QAU17
The fan inside the controller: https://youtu.be/VGHmYdW7LPw21

Which is all good, but I’ve noted that some of the fans are rated at 0.1 Amps like mine and I believe @doug posted a picture of his which was 0.05 amps, I am not great with electronics and my question is would having a lower AMP rated fan be an issue or not? Also does anyone know what the RPM rating on these fans is?
Additionally can anyone suggest any compatible heating blocks for the extruder as I had to use my spare one the other day due to a PET-G clog, I know that the whole assembly is available in the store, but having to pay import charges every time can make it extremely expensive to order parts if it’s not a mid to large sized order.

Regarding fans these are the only ones I’ve found to match the size and voltage on ebay

Would appreciate it if someone can give his 2 cents if they would do.

I can’t see it would be an issue.

The Amp marking would be the current the fan draws. Think of current as something the item pulls, rather than has forced to it down the wires.

The voltage is far more important, so if the sizes match and the voltage is 24v, then you should be fine.

The snapmaker power supply could easily handle the current if the fan was a little more power hungry, my Snapmaker power supply happily runs an 80mm PC fan and some LED lights.

In short, yes, I think that fan will be fine.
(somebody gave me a bit of paper saying I know electronics stuff, though my degree doesn’t get out much these days)

Thanks, that’s good to know I’ll order a couple of spare fans, regarding the extruder/nozzle assemply do you have any recommendations? The closest one to ours I found was the MK10 I think it was.

Thou I am not sure if the tube protruding from the top is the right diameter.
Any feedback is appreciated.

I thought the Snapmaker nozzles were 0.4mm MK8 equivelant?

I read the size on here somewhere I think (or maybe on the facebook group), maybe a search will help out. There have definitely been questions asked about size for people wanting to swap to a steel nozzle to use more abrasive filaments like wood/metallic ones.

I’m sure someone who has bought some will answer.

I believe that is the size.

That’s good to know regarding the nozzles, any idea about the heater block as the one we have/use is 16x16x10, the ones I’ve seen so far are 20x20x10.
I mean should I be considering the whole MK8 extruder assembly to be usable with the snapmaker?