Snapmaker Original: silent fan controller

Hi guys,
just to share with you my first little project done with my new Original:
I’ve made a standard controller case modification so that I was able to swap the standard 30mm fan with a super silent Noctua NF-A4X10 FLX 40mm fan.
To step down the 24V to 12V I used a cheap DC DC configurable step down board.
Here some pics:

NJY! :slight_smile:


NICE! Now we need something like that for the SM2 power supply.


Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have SM2… :frowning:


Hello @Bullone, That looks like a great mod. Would you be willing to post the model, Parts List and the dimensions used to cut the original housing? It looks like you may have followed the molding marks but can’t quite tell.

SnapMaker, would you please send @Bullone a SM2 so he can design a quieter fan for us? :slight_smile:!!!
No? Well then how about just the power supply. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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That would be great, and of course if I could choose I’ll keep the all SM2! ahahhaah! :slight_smile:

Here there is the link with the file and some useful info:

If you need more info, just ask!


Agreed Tone, very surprised that Snapmaker seems to have taken noise into considering with the design here :frowning:

After couple of days running this new configuration I can confirm that’s huge improvement! The controller now is completely silent thanks to the fantastic job done by the Noctua fan.
Obviously the 3D module is still make loud noise because of the 2 30mm fans but don’t know if we can think to upgrade them: I suppose at least the one that if pushing air on the nozzle is better to keep as is.
What do you think?

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I had changed the filament fan on the right side to a bigger one and the “print-cooling fan”- rather the Stepper-cooler partially unplugged.- This works better for me.
For print cooling i used a RJ45 Splitter and picked up the 24V for a Part-Cooler.

mmmhh… maybe we can had a look if we can also put a Noctua on the right side of the 3D module…

I think I’ll leave the print cooling fan as is because I hope it has been studied and testes for better printing results, isn’t it?

The “print cooling fan” is not good at all, too little volume and not directly at the nozzle for cooling.
This is my opinion.

Please post pics of your mod.

if you want I can give you more information, it’s not beautiful but very easy

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It has been done for the SM2.

But I have also seen a version the replaces the back.

just search around.

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Here is the full print for the replacement back.

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Definitely trying this, if only Snapmaker sold an update version of their print module which used standard 40mm 12v fans :frowning:

I just tried the Noctua NF-A4x10 and it fits snugly instead of the side-fan! Only downside is you cant screw it in, but the tight fit should keep it at its place!

Hi @Bullone, this looks great.
The noise of my SM1 is getting worse and worse so I would like to use your mod/design.
But it looks like it’s no longer on Thingiverse? the link isn’t working…

Is there anyone (@D_Cubed, @xchrisd, … ) who downloaded @Bullone his file and can send me a copy please? I get a 404 on Thingiverse…
Thanks in advance.

Sry, didn’t have it. Why not creating something similar by yourself?