Snapmaker 2.0 Cura Profile

Whenever I try to load my sliced designs from the custom snapmaker profile I made following the instructions from the manual the file won’t load, and I get the “Fabscreen has stopped working” error.

I’m sure I’m just missing something in the cura settings.

Hi @Fitzprint

Sorry for the late reply.

I have met some similar cases and the cause is the G-code file. We offered the Cura profile and the file generated with Cura should be normal and usable.

Please send me your g-code file and I will check it.

Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards

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CFFFP_IceCreamCone.gcode (2.9 MB)

I’ve tried sending to the snapmaker every which way and it keeps saying that it can’t parse the file and then FabScreen has stopped working which requires a system reset.

I have tried many times and the touchscreen can parse the file.

I get this everytime I try to use a gcode file sliced on cura

make sure that you have Cura set to use the marlin flavor of Gcode? thats the only thing i can think of that might cause that kind of issue.
hope it helps,

I double checked and its on Marlin. Its working on other Snapmakers so I can’t see it being a problem with the gcode or the slicer.

@Edwin I think I’ve found the issue.
In the Cura profile on the Snapmaker website has G1 X-10 Y-10 F3000 in the Start G-Code which , I think, was taking the snapmaker off the bed, or further than it was able to?
Either way I removed that and the error hasn’t appeared


There is a limit switch at the end of the linear module. And we need to make sure that the linear modules move back to the end with the three machines. We choose “-10” to ensure that the sliders can move the proper position. In fact, it will stop moving when it hits the limit switch and will not go off the platform.

Hi Edwin,
I understand the need for the code but it was causing my snapmaker to crash. Seems like a software issue because it crashes everytime that line is included in the gcode and doesnt crash at all without it.

Did you try adjusting it? Maybe -9 Will work?

I’m also getting “Fabscreen has stopped working” errors on jobs sliced in Cura. I’ve gotten the errors both when using Snapmaker’s profiles for Cura, and when using Cura’s built-in profiles, pointing to a generic FFF printer based on numbers obtained from Snapmaker.

However, I noticed that one such gcode file, at 179 MB in size, was processed and would print, while others that were larger, such as 259 MB and 267 MB, would not print and got the error.

Could there be a file size limit issue?

Share your code and we could try to load :wink:
Take wetransfer or a one click hoster or a cloud of your choice to share.
Did you delete your comments of the starting and end gcode?

Thanks. Are you addressing the original poster, Fitzprint, or me? I would have to see if I saved the files after moving on.

@DougJoseph You wrote about fab screen stopped and a big filesize. If you have solved the problem, great.
Else, let me try what my machine does.

Thank you! Being that the gcode in that case was of a paid-for model I would not want to post it. I’d have to try to see if the same problem can be recreated using a different model. I will try to remember to circle back around to this. I can’t get at the issue right now because my printer is currently printing that above-mentioned model — not with gcode from Cura, as I could not get that to work, but with gcode from Luban (which has a frustrating amount of unneeded supports, but I was pressed to get started on it, since it’s such a big job).

You could send me a pm with a link I would delete it after :wink:

Thank you for the very kind offer!! I may do that. Got a lot on me right now.