Snapmaker 2.0 bed levelling issue

Just got my snapmaker 2.0 and right off the bat it’s got a bed levelling issue. I put it together carefully. I don’t understand how this happens when I go through the levelling procedure (it’s like it doesn’t use the levelling data???).

Firmware v1.10.1
Controller v3.2.2

Any ideas?

@tharvey Your Linear rails need to be correctly assembled, you didn’t! They have to be mounted in this position

Cant understand why this happens so often :thinking:

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ack! I see what you mean… they should go all the way to the edge of the base plate. I will fix and retry.


Should’ve made the depressions in the baseplate deeper I guess? It’s a real issue, since it shows up about 3x per week.

I feel as though the installation is so straight forward that people aren’t following the directions in their book very closely and just briefly glancing at them.

The reason why this is such a common occurrence is this diagram in the printed manual:

The book is very nice, i really enjoyed assembly, but this isometric view is causing problems

The previous page says “make sure the modules are in the notches” or something to that effect, but it doesn’t really show a clear picture of the step, outside of the circled blue holes on the mini diagram.

Clearly they ran into problems with many people installing it wrong, because they have taken the time to modify the online publication of the manual.


The previous page also had a revision, which more clearly shows the rails sitting properly in the base…

the page previously looked like this:


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fixed and now things are working well.

My guess is that this happens so often because the screw holes allow one to put things in the wrong place.

Another great example is the grid of holes on the tool head bracket. Good lord what is the point of that??? It is a real pain to change tool heads with the enclosure when there are like 16 holes to choose from.

Thanks for the help!


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