Problems with bed leveling

Hello! I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I’ve been having some problems with my bed leveling ever since I received my Snapmaker 2 and wanted to see if anyone had suggestions. The entire bed seems ever so slightly slopped with the back of the bed being higher than the front.

Here’s more details on the problem:

  • For large prints, extrusions towards the front won’t make enough contact to adhere and extrusions towards the back can’t even come out of the nozzle and can cause jams. The drive gear will carve out filament since filament cannot exit the nozzle.
  • During calibration, the nozzle will noticeably push points 5-7 (the rear 3) of the bed down and cause the entire frame of the bed to flex slightly. This is especially noticeable at point 5.
  • There are no problems printing small parts that only need space in the middle of the bed.
  • This problem is gets worse between prints. If I calibrate once, the nozzle won’t press into the bed or leave any marks, but it will still make more contact than points 1-3. Once I start a second print without turning the machine off, the nozzle will forcefully push into the bed as I’ve described above. In fact, this point on my bed has very deep impressions where the nozzle has been pressed down so hard that the z-axis linear modules actually skip and sound like they’re breaking. Rebooting the machine helps but doesn’t solve the problem.

Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot:

  • I disassembled and reassembled both of the y-axis linear modules and bed since I initially assumed that I just left screws loose somewhere which caused a leveling problem. This has not helped at all and makes me wonder whether the base/linear modules are warped, or if this is a problem with the mesh leveling system.
  • I’ve tried small vs large prints. Prints that only lay on the front and center areas or center and rear areas are fine (ie, they do not span the entire bed) work but there are still problems caused by the slope. Prints that span front to rear cannot print since it will eventually jam.

Hey, there is a thread from @Tone
On achieving a perfect level

There are some useful instructions to get rid of this problem. WE ALL COULDN’T PRINT BIG PRINTS AT STOCK CALIBRATION.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, that’s disappointing that it seems to be a QC issue. Do you know if Snapmaker is addressing these issues through support? I can definitely follow that guide, but it would be nice if Snapmaker helped out customers having this issue too.


Hi, we are working on addressing those issues for sure. You can also contact our support for your inquiries as well. or you can follow the guide Chris provided. Users on the Forum have great insights into the problems you described.

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Be sure you have the most recent version of firmware and software. There was an issue with manual leveling that was fixed in firmware.

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Have you checked the bed has not been assembled not upside down?

I have not, but it seems like upside down beds are causing much more serious issues than what I’m experiencing? Once I get a chance to spend more time debugging this issue I’ll post back. I haven’t had much time since making the original post.

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Any updates on the bed level issue please?


I also have this problem, yesterday I got a printer with great joy, I assembled step by step and relentlessly waiting for the surface to calibrate and warm up, I started printing, but I see the top of the head is not at the bottom, I started the calibration again and looked at how low the calibrations spot is going, I saw that the heating surface of one left side was much more lower than the right. The printer is assembled correctly. how to solve this problem, maybe someone has advice?


Are the nuts of the bed carriage down?
Post some photos of your machine please!

Looks like everything is ok, ufter update, i calibrate manually and it seems than print correct, thanks

Your Y rails are off the end of the plate. They should not be. There is a depression molded into the base plate it should sit in and not overhang either side.


big thanks for the observations, be sure to screw up and check everything again

May or may not actually solve your issue, but it’s a place to start. Please update if you are still having issues! Good luck!

Your y-axis are false assembled! They are too far at the front. Check your assembly again!!

Here is how it looks at my printer:

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If you look closely you will see both Y rails are installed overlapping the base, these need to be reinstalled correctly.

Tone I having these very same issues with Snapmaker 2 A350. Using the latest firmware update
[ Snapmaker2_V1.14.2 ] the latest at 11 March 2022

The head goes through a calibration procedure, fails at point 5 ( same for me) and then issues an error , “somethings gone wrong , retry or quit”. Switching the machine on and off and repeating the calibration gets the machine through the calibration procedure but then on printing, the nozzle deeply scores the print surface ( 0.5 to 1mm deep scoring, making a really ugly sound while the nozzle tries to make garden furrows for planting nozzles)

Given the problem sounds identical to the one I’m having it seems to an inherent issue with the machine. Ive also had no end of other problems trying to print PLA, even after changing the heater element , barrel and nozzle. These seem to be to unrelated issues. Perhaps teh PLA reel is too old ( 1 year old left in the air . However, I have been prebaking it with a sunlo dryer at 40C for 3 hours before printing.

The nozzle digging up furrows in the print bed is my main concern at the moment as its made the printer unusable now.


Sounds like you’re having a similar gouging issue that I was also having. Check out my guide (based on Tone’s work) on page 3. Hopefully it helps! Snapmaker 2.0 A350 Bed Calibration Guide - Google Docs

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