So so frustrated

I’ve only had my unit for a couple weeks. So far no where near impressed. Second time I’ve had this type issue. All firmware and software is up to date and it is assembled correctly. I don’t know what else to do. Manual leveling or “auto” makes no difference.

Been in contact with support but I truly believe I’ve got a lemon.

It isn’t assembled correctly.
The y-rails should be centered on the build plate, in the notches. Not overhanging.


I agree with the above. Dissemble it and make sure you’re following the instructions.

Your rails are overhanging! They have to be flush! See what else you may have wrong, that’s why it keeps hitting the enclosure door!

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agreed with above. You have not assembled it correctly. Fix that first and see how you go.

Definitely not assembled correctly. (Sorry my comment is entirely unnecessary but this reminded me of the spongebob sardines all saying the same thing. Really couldn’t resist.)



hi Dont give up yet…I had the exact same issue. I had two items wrong. first I a bad proximity sensor which needed to be swapped out. Snapmaker sent this very fast. Then issue persisted and found out embarrassingly I had a my cables plugged in incorrectly y and z were reversed… as soon as I fixed the cables the auto calibration worked flawlessly.
instructions for assembly are quite good but you need to pay attention to small details and dont rush. I took my time and still managed to put some wrong screws in wrong spots. plus the cables…

snapmaker support I had was brilliant and they went above and beyond to make it right. even with the bad assembly being my fault. they want to help. quality and service is awesome in my opinion.

this was the first 3d printer I ever bought.