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Absolutley, oblivious. That’s the only word I can describe about support.

Not only are they not addressing my issue but ignored the request to cancel my remaining order. So now I have to do a dispute and chargeback.

Their response to the shipping issue with Amazon and them cancelling the order “wait for a Christmas sale it’s coming soon”.

Normally, I could care less about support. In this case I have to conclude there is no way they have their act together on any other front if they cant handle a support ticket.

Just close up the doors now it was a good marketing campaign.

Sure others feel differently but maybe they need to be more vocal about why people should throw money down. There is a reason they dont and reviews like this can easily be found in the net:

A350t fix these issues?..wouldn’t know. Find a happy customer and ask… good luck! Might have a better chance if proper support.

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On Black Friday, in EU, they already were saying they will send purchases on December. What did change around BF was the laser that was postponed from February to March.

When i ordered, the Website stated: All shipments will be sent in Nov. 2021

Don’t know where they stated it otherweise.

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Another Update from here: 2 Days now and the Tracking still stands on “Label created.” Did anyone from the recent “Shipouts” has the same issue or is it just me? If that is a red Line that spans across all recent shipouts, that would be a big No-No.

Good morning.
Yes, the same standstill for my order.
Ordered on 26/11 with status delivery in November.
However, I am only getting a partial delivery. The accessories have not been fulfilled yet.

Let’s look into the crystal ball a bit:
Seems to me we are not getting the goods from the EU warehouse. I suspect the shipments are being collected in China and reported to UPS. Label created. On 15/12 (current purchase status for my bundle in the EU shop) the container will then go on its journey!? :thinking:
Anyway, we will see. You wait months for a new car, so they say.

For me. I just notice how spoiled I am by now. Every step of an order generates one or two emails. Ordered today and delivered tomorrow at the latest. But that’s how I feel… .


Well, the glass ball must have been milky.
As I can see under
UPS Tracking → View Details → Shipment Progress
my package with label is in Germany.

My shipment status changed today to “On the way” :slight_smile:

Estimated delivery
Tuesday, December 14 between 11:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

5:21 P.M. On the Way
Frankfurt, Germany

10:04 A.M. Label Created

Great news for me too :blush:

Estimated delivery
Monday, December 13 by End of Day

5:20 P.M. On the Way
Frankfurt, Germany

9:40 A.M. Label Created

@jork Same here in US. Hope we both have an exciting next week!

@Jax3DTrains Oh yes. There are certainly many exciting weeks ahead of us. I’m sure of that.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all those waiting.

My Snapmaker arrived finally today! Excited to assemble and work with it :slight_smile:

Wow they do exsist…meanwhile mine appears to be stuck in a warehouse on Mars as nobody can find it. Support has taken a week of my time and as of this morning they have proved they dont read their tickets very closely. I have made no progress at all.

Y’all complaining about an order that hasn’t arrived since Black Friday? I’m waiting on my upgraded 3D printer, rails, and PSU I ordered in EARLY OCTOBER!

Just 2 days ago got a shipping confirmation from UPS that they’ve received it.

Also to update you on Snapmakers shipping logistics… when you order through Snapmaker directly they usually make a UPS label when they put it onto the container and onto the ship. It usually doesn’t say received until it’s received at the port in the US (a year ago it was all going through Long Beach). A while back they used to use FedEx, but looks like they’ve changed to UPS.

If you’re expecting something really quick… read back through the kickstarter orders. This is not the company for you.

But if you’re patient… it will arrive.

My bundle has arrived today too instead of the estimated date of Decembre 14th! :grinning:

Just one question : I ordered a A350T bundle bur the box en everything in it refers to a A350 printer. Looking at the printhead it seems to be the new T model but how can you be sure?

The linear modules will be engraved with either 8mm or 20mm lead, only the new modules as used in the Ax50T models have this marking.

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We all be complainin because when something says in stock and shipping from the country we reside in and it displays ‘ships in 1 to 3 days’ we expect that to happen. When weeks pass and the product cant be accounted for and ticket support is as helpful as a fart in a pocket then that’s why the complaining starts.

Thanks Albutch- I had the same confusion as Boeky-- User manual and shipping box is all A 350
without the T… but I do have some of the modules with a 20 mm lead, so I guess I have a T. - It is a bit disconcerting that you cannot tell quickly from the box and manual though.

I suppose they have a stock of boxes - but they could apply a sticker for the new machines.

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A new arrival this morning. A bit rough around the outside of the boxes, but still very much intact.

Now the real work begins.

Thank you Snapmaker for your contribution to our project.

Ode to Joy.
My A350T package arrived last night in very good condition.
Looking forward to a lot of fun and little despairs°.

A small as well as heavy note on the side:
I received the parcel in 1 (in words one) package.
So that’s 49kg in one. A real challenge for the whole supply chain including the regular delivery person and the customer. I would have preferred the previous two-package solution.
However, I do not want to discuss this. And yes, the weight is stated in the shop.
It is meant as a small piece of information for those who are still waiting (alone).

Back to topic of @Turdferguson
I ordered the stop button and a few bits for the bundle. I also got PLA (White, 1 kg) & Basswood & Acrylic × 1 as a gift (without shipping). These items were and are available in the shop in 3-5 working days.
Long story short. These items have not been shipped until today.

°Oh damn it’s starting already… I don’t have a base for the machine yet!!! :wink:

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