10W laser from Snapmaker I EU

Hello dear Snapmaker members,
since the delivery of the 10W lasers from the Snapmaker Online Store EU is supposed to start in March, I wanted to ask if anyone has already received a message regarding the shipment !?!
I bought my machine in January 09.2022.
But until today I have not received any message about the shipment of the laser. How is it with you, who has ordered the 10W laser, who has already received news !??

I ordered my 10W laser December 4th and haven’t received anything yet. No update, no shipping etc.
When I ordered it was supposed to arrive in February.

I ordered at the end on november. Still nothing. I wrote few days ago for info. They said they were starting to send early march.

That is of course less nice, when should I get mine if you already wait over 4 months ??
This pulls through all the orders and the later you ordered the longer you have to wait because of course it goes in order.
Sure it can always come something in between, but would have been possibly better then to change the text at the 10W laser module then at the latest in January and to write delivery takes place in May or June. So I really thought I get it in March at least!!!

Hey, i got mine a month ago and purchased on 20.Nov.2021.

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That gives me a bit of hope again.
Well, I’ll wait for the next week and then also write to when it comes to shipping.

And just this morning I’ve received an “Your order is about to ship” mail…

Ditto. Ordered December, just got my notification of shipping preparation.

I ordered my 10W in the middle of last November. Last week I received a notice that my laser module was on its way. I have a tracking number and look at it at least once a day. As far as I can tell the thing has not yet left China! I did not receive any notices between the confirmation of sale and the notice that it was being prepared for shipping.

Hi, yesterday I received my order preparation notification with the tracking number but nothing has moved since then. On the courier’s website (UPS) it says that the shipping label has been created but they haven’t received the package yet. In early January I had exactly the same issue and after a week of silence by contacting support they unlocked everything and the shipment magically started. I hope this time they will ship automatically without having to reach them…I’ll wait a few more days following your updates…

Yesterday got the notice from Snapmaker. Label done, but the item has not been received at the courier center yet (It is just one day after…).

for information !!

I wrote to support this morning.
The answer came around noon:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the current progress of replenishment is slow. We are really sorry for that.

According to the latest feedback from the warehouse, your order will be arranged to ship out by the end of March 2022.

Did you also get the mail with tracking code? Or not yet?

Maybe I’m a little too eager but I don’t think the delivery estimate will be met.

Based on how it went two months ago I think nothing will move until about Monday 14. It remains to be seen whether after a week it will be handed to the courier on its own or whether support intervention will be required. The fact remains that all other Snapmaker orders shipped with DPD or FedEx and in general all shipments I’ve received are usually handed to the courier within 24 hours from the label creation.

After all, it has been already 3 months since I placed the order and I can wait another week or even two, the problem is yet another delay.

@ brvdboss No I have not received any mail with tracking code !!!

Ok thanks. I guess that means (could mean) our orders are in different batches. And in this case mine might arrive sooner. Not that a few extra weeks would really matter

No I think it has something to do with the order number after that you will be shipped.
So as the order numbers are assigned SMEU…
This is how the lasers are shipped.
I ordered my Snapmaker in January and directly ordered the 10W laser, because you always refers to my order number in the response by mail!

I ordered mine early December and just received my shipping notice. I also got a similar email about the delay. I have heard parts of China were hit hard again by the virus. :frowning: Note that I’m in the US, but doesn’t seem like it matters. I’m guess those that got it earlier got it in the gap between virus waves.

I ordered December 28, 2021 and got a notice yesterday, March 9th, that my order is shipping. It is shipping via DHL.

I just received an email notification on mine is supposed to ship within the next two weeks. Ordered mid-December 2021