Runaway overheating of hotend

My 3d printer has started overheating the hotend from the second I turn the printer on. And it just keeps getting hotter. The first time it did it I started the print, it got about 15 minutes in, and then I started to smell something odd. It was still trying to print, but was burning and boiling the filament. It was almost 500 degress f. I turned it off, cooled it down, tried to remove the crud that had burned into everything around the head. I bought replacement heating elements and temp sensors (3 of each) and tried replacing parts, and it still kept just going into endless heat mode as soon as I turned it on. I eventually figured the whole printer head module needed replacing, so I bought a brand new one online, it finally arrived and I was so excited to be back printing, only to have it do the exact same thing.

I have tried re-installing the firmware, resetting the firmware via the console, replacing cables, I even tried a little bit of voodoo, and a few curses, but not even that would get the printer to behave…

Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening, and how I can fix it!??

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If you have the cables in the right place, this seems to be a controller issue.
You should forward it to support @deathbyvegemite

You turn it on and it heats the print head, right?

I had printed literally dozens and dozens of things before it started happening so I’m assuming the cables are in the right spot, but yeah, I did double check because it was just so weird of an issue.

And yeah, you power it up, and it instantly starts heating the print head up. And it will just go until you call chicken and turn the printer off again!

Mine is an original kickstarter version, I’m guessing it’s very much out of warrantee but I’ll hit support up.

Hi friend, the issue should be related to the controller.
Please send an email to and we will help you out. Thank you

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