Temperature nozzle does not stop

I’m having the following issue:

My (original SM) nozzle temperature rises, but does not stop at the set temperature. Smells to me like a controller issue.

Any bright ideas?


Whats your M503 output? Did you edit your pid setting?
Did you check if the same thing happens with a freshly assembled hotend?
Is the thermistor well assembled?`

Hope this helps.

Thanks Chris,

As I have the same issues when I go to change filament mode I assume it has nothing to do with my code.

In fact the problem started after a print can’t lose and clogged the full nozzle. I had to replace the hit end, heater and thermistor.

I guess heater and thermistor are ok, as I see the temperature increase.

Something must have gotten messed up…

What is the M503 output you u mentioned?

Thanks for thinking along…

You have to connect your machine via serial connection (USB) and type into the terminal of Luban M503.
USB mini B (machine side) to USB A (PC side)

If you are really new maybe this helps;

If the nozzle cannot stop heating even you click the ‘Change filament’ on the touchscreen, the issue may lie in the controller.

Hope this article helps.