Thermal Runaway

Hi Support

I have just incurred my first error. When doing a 3D print, it stopped mid print after an hour with this message:

Is there an explanation of the Thermal Runaway message?

I had been using the printer a good bit over 24 hours on different prints. I have turned the printer off, will let it cool and re-try later. Below are the settings that I was using.

BTW I am running the new beta firmware upgrade.

Have a great week.

I allowed the Snapmaker to cool for a few hours and I have just completed a print. All seems to be good again.Guess I was just to keen to keep printing projects. I will however keep an eye on it for the next week.


I have been getting the same error too. I have tried letting it cool down but it hasn’t helped. I have replaced the senor 3 times now… please help…

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same here.

received thermal runaway error and now it wont heat up past 30 without this error:

HELP! Same issue! After a few minutes, my print bails with the thermal runaway message!

left for days to cool down. still no support or printing

Is your hotend (nozzle) hot or does it remain cool?
If hot: is the sensor in place?
If cool: replace heating element.


We need more information to locate the problem. Can you get to know the nozzle temperature when the printer was killed. By the way, which software did you generate the G-code?

nozzle temp gets up to 30.
software used is snapmakerjs.

Sorry for the problem you ran into.
Please fill in the warranty request, and attach a video or several pictures of problem and describe the problem in details.
We will transfer several questions to you from our engineer later and instruct you to locate the problem.
If you have already filled in the warranty request, please wait for some time, we will process your request in 7 business days.
Once the problem is located, we will provide a solution to you accordingly.
The more detailed your description is, the fewer questions we will have.

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